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Sobirovs Law is a new generation law firm that merges the latest technology with traditional excellence in legal services. We focus on immigration law and business law practices and feel honored to serve Canada’s multinational community. Fluent in several languages, our lawyers truly reflect this community and make up a dedicated team of legal advisors who focus on delivering tailored solutions to each client’s legal matters. We have diverse client base: from investors and multinational corporations looking for business opportunities in Canada or relocating corporate management teams to Canada, to individuals hoping to settle in Canada. All our clients have one thing in common: they all work hard to succeed, and we share that passion with them. Whether it is a simple advice for an individual client or a complex international transaction for a business client, we provide cost-effective and pragmatic legal services that exceed client’s expectations. We believe that your success is our success. Because we care.

Sobirov Law Yuridik Firmasining Tanituvi

Sobirovs Law yuridik firmasining veb-sahifasiga xush kelibsiz! Sizga Kanadaga immigratsiya qilish masalasida ko'mak bera olsak hursand bo'lamiz. O'zimiz haqida va ba'zi eng ko'p so'ralgan mavzular haqida shu maktubimizni tayyorlaganmiz. Sizga bu ma'lumotlarni berishdan maqsad - biz qanday hizmatlar ko'rsatamiz va biz bilan ishlash qanday bo'ladi, shular haqida qisqacha tushintirishdir. Sobirovs Law Yuridik Firmasi haqida qisqa ma'lumot [...]

Иммиграция в Канаду как само-занятого человека (“self-employed stream”)

Для тех, кто имеет соответствующий опыт в культурной деятельности или спорта, и намерен и может внести значительный вклад в культурную или спортивную жизнь Канады, само-занятый поток (“self-employed stream”)  - идеальный вариант для иммиграции. Эта программа позволяет творческим людям и спортсменам приезжать в Канаду в качестве постоянных жителей. Целью само-занятого потока является привлечение талантливых, само-занятых людей для [...]

Часто задаваемые (но не всегда отвеченные) вопросы о получении статуса беженца

Могу ли я подать заявление на получение статуса беженца, находясь за пределами Канады? Чтобы приехать в Канаду в качестве беженца (т.е. за пределами Канады), нужно чтоб вас направило либо Управление верховного комиссара Организации Объединённых Наций по делам беженцев (UNHCR) либо частная спонсорская группа в Канаде. Вы не можете напрямую обращаться к канадским иммиграционным властям, чтобы [...]

Immigrating to Canada as a Self-Employed Person

For those who have relevant experience in cultural activities or athletics, and intend and are able to make a significant contribution to the cultural or athletic life of Canada, the Self-Employed Stream is a perfect option to immigrate. This program allows creative people and athletes to come to Canada as permanent residents. The purpose of [...]

Canada Express: 9. Bölüm – Kanada öğrenci vizesi başvurusuna ait tavsiyelerimiz

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Frequently Asked But Hardly Answered Questions About Refugee Claims In Canada

Can I apply for refugee protection while outside of Canada? To come to Canada as a refugee, you must be referred either by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), a designated referral organization, or a private sponsorship group in Canada. You cannot apply directly to the Canadian immigration authorities to accept your application as a [...]

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Sobirovs Law Firm is proud to support the UWED Team at 2018 Jessup Moot Court Competition

Originally published on the UWED website on April 4, 2018 in Uzbek, Russian and English The UWED Team (consisting of the International Law faculty’s students: Gafurova Zulfiya, Saidaripova Aziza, Khalimov Farrukh and the coach Artikova Vasila) will take part in the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, which is held in Washington (USA) [...]

Canada Express: 8. Bölüm – Kanada’ya öğrenci olarak gitmenin avantajları nedir?

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Kanada sığınmacı (“refugee”) başvuruları hakkında sık sorulan fakat zor cevaplanan sorular

Canada Express: 7. Bölüm – Göçmenlik nedir ve nasıl anlaşılmalı? Kanada’da çokkültürlülük nedir?

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Канададан юрист Раҳмат Собиров: Канаданинг эшиклари ҳаммага очиқ! Аммо бу эшикдан киришга тайёрмисиз?

This article was originally published on the website in the Uzbek language. сайтининг навбатдаги суҳбатдоши Канадада кўп йиллардан бери юрист сифатида фаолият юритувчи, Sobirovs Law юридик фирмасининг раҳбари ўзбекистонлик Раҳмат Собировдир. Раҳмат Собиров билан суҳбатимиз йўналиши ҳозир долзарб бўлган меҳнат муҳожирлиги, Канадада иш, ўқишга жойлашиш ва иш ҳақи ҳамда туризмни ривожлантириш каби мавзуларда [...]

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Sobirovs Law Firm is teaming up with EdviseCanada to bring brilliant international students to Canada.

Sobirovs Law Firm is pleased to announce a new partnership arrangement with EdviseCanada Consulting Inc., an education consulting company based in Toronto, Canada. Sobirovs Law Firm will provide legal services on matters related to students coming to Canada to study at EdviseCanada's partner institutions. Canada, which holds one of the highest ranked education systems [...]

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From being an international student to becoming a Canadian citizen

According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education, Canada was host to more than 350,000 international students from over 185 countries, in 2015. Within less than ten years, the country’s international student population has seen an overall increase of 92 percent from 2008 to 2015.[1] [1] World of Learning: Canada’s Performance and [...]

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Canada Express: 6. Bölüm – Kanada’ya çalışma izniyle gelen insanın ailesi de onunla gelebiliyor mu?

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Canada Express: 5. Bölüm – Kanada’da Çalışma İzni Almanın Başka Yöntemleri Varmı?

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Expedited Processing and How It Affects My Refugee Claim

This article is available in PDF. Click here to download. As of January 1, 2018, there are eight countries whose citizens’ refugee claims qualify for expedited processing under the Refugee Protection Division’s (RPD) expedited processing policy. RPD’s expedited processing policy applies to claims that are filed in Canada. Refugee claimants from the following 8 countries [...]

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8 Helpful Tips for Coming to Canada as a student

This article is available to download in PDF. There are over 300,000 international students studying in Canada. Individuals who study in Canada receive top-quality and internationally respected education, while the cost of tuition and living fees in Canada are generally lower than in other developed countries. Benefits of Studying in Canada While studying in Canada, international [...]

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How Can Businessmen and Entrepreneurs Immigrate to Canada?

This article is available to download in PDF. Canada is open for business and welcomes the world’s entrepreneurs  There are many reasons why Canada is the best place to build your business: Strong economic growth: Forbes magazine rates Canada as the best country in the G-20 with which to do business. Canada has the strongest [...]

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Prestigious Canadian Private School to Welcome Students from Russia, Turkey and Uzbekistan

March 1, 2018, Toronto, Canada Sobirovs Law Firm is pleased to have signed an agency agreement with one of Canada’s leading private schools, Century Private School in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Under this agreement, Sobirovs Law Firm will promote Century Private School in Russia, Turkey and Uzbekistan, and provide legal services in obtaining required study permits to [...]

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Tips on how to get a tourist visa to Canada

This article is available to download in PDF. CANADA IS ONE OF THE WORLD’S TOP DESTINATIONS Canada welcomes more than 35 million visitors each year. In general, all individuals wishing to visit Canada, will have to apply for permission to enter Canada as a visitor known as Temporary Residence Visa. Citizens of some countries [...]

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