Entrepreneur Visas for Business People From Trinidad and Tobago

Entrepreneur Visas for Business People From Trinidad and Tobago

How to Get an Entrepreneur Work Visa for Canada for Citizens of Trinidad & Tobago

Seeing a business opportunity in Canada is a unique skill. But that’s not enough to bring you to Canada to seize that opportunity. The success story of our business immigration client from Trinidad & Tobago illustrates this challenge. We are thankful for the opportunity to work with this Client in his journey to Canada and contribute to his immigration success.

The Basics:

A citizen of Trinidad & Tobago saw a great business opportunity in equipment rental in Canada during his visit to the country. To benefit from this opportunity he set up a company in Canada and applied for an LMIA using another firm for his immigration work. Unfortunately, his immigration application was denied. The IRCC said the business wasn’t actively engaged in the business and determined that there wasn’t a reasonable employment need.

He then approached Sobirovs Law Firm for help after consulting with many firms in the market. Our team has analyzed his background, immigration goals and previous unsuccessful application and concluded that he should try a different business immigration program. His faith put on us after previous rejection made us more confident in our attempt to prepare a strong application.

The Timeline:

We prepared a strong work permit application arguing why and how the Client’s company would bring significant benefit to Canada. In spite of the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 situation and delays in obtaining a police certificate from Trinidad & Tobago, we got a positive result. The Client intends to arrive in Canada with his family in late August 2021 to obtain his work permit at the border and start his business.

  1. The Client retained Sobirovs on March 11, 2021;
  2. Our team prepared and submitted the application package on April 12, 2021;
  3. We had to obtain an extension to submit the Client’s police certificate as the police service in Trinidad & Tobago was closed during the pandemic;
  4. We received a positive result on July 20, 2021, which is 3 weeks after submitting the police certificate.

The Lessons Learned

Your immigration lawyer should maintain a strict focus on your success regardless of the surrounding situation that may negatively affect your immigration outcome. Only then a lawyer can be your best advocate before the Canadian authorities. Previous failures do not necessarily cause future ones. You may have to pivot and use a different angle of attack to succeed in your immigration application. The value that an experienced immigration lawyer can give is not just preparing diligently completed application forms. But rather, the true value is when your lawyer understands your weaknesses and finds a creative way to deliver the desired result.

How Sobirovs Strives to Serve Its Clients

We promised ourselves and our clients that we’ll use our best skills to deliver a hassle-free immigration experience. This promise takes us beyond basic eligibility and filling up your application forms. It puts great pressure to think critically, analyze every relevant fact and put ourselves in the shoes of a visa officer who decided on whether to approve or reject. Such an approach, in turn, helps us to deliver positive results for our clients and get their positive feedback. Let us deliver the same promise in your business immigration case.

Here are the best 3 steps for you to take right now:

  • Step 1: Check your eligibility for business immigration programs using our Free Instant Assessment tool.
  • Step 2: Check our fees using our Fee Calculator. Don’t worry if the fees estimated by the Fee Calculator seem too high. We can give you a discount if your case is strong.
  • Step 3: Book a 1-hour Strategy Meeting with our senior business immigration lawyer to discuss your immigration case.

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