Immigration Success Story As An Owner-Operator in 2021

Immigration Success Story As An Owner-Operator in 2021

Sobirovs Law Firm Client Success Story

As strategic immigration advisors for our clients, the best New Year gift we can give our clients is confidence.

Owner-Operator Business Immigration To Canada

When this couple with two kids contacted our office last year, they were seeking just that – confidence in their status in Canada and in the future of their children. Today, we are glad to say that we’ve met and exceeded our client’s expectation and obtained:

  • a 2-year Owner-Operator work permit for the wife;
  • a 2-year open work permit for the husband; and
  • study permits for their 2 children.

image of wife's 2 year work permitimage of husband's 2 year work permit

image of first child's study permitimage of second child's study permit

It’s a New Year gift for us, too, as we enjoy seeing ever-increasing confidence in our clients’ eyes’ when they plan their future in Canada!

For a hassle-free immigration experience, contact our experienced team today by completing our Business Immigration Assessment Form! We provide a holistic and no-nonsense assessment of your chances. We can help you with all types of business immigration and corporate immigration matters.

If you would like to build a solid immigration strategy, then book a 1-hour Strategy Meeting with our Senior Immigration Lawyer. Such a meeting could be your first best investment in 2021.

Happy New Year! This year will be a great one!

To your success in Canada,

Sobirovs Law Firm team