Indian Diamond & Jewelry Conglomerate Expands to Canada

Indian Diamond & Jewelry Conglomerate Expands to Canada

Our client, a successful Indian jewelry company, contacted us to inquire about the possibility of expanding their business to Canada. In particular, they asked whether their high-level Executive could immigrate to Canada to oversee the development of their Canadian business expansion. The client had a budget of $200,000 and $300,000. The facts of the case were:

  • The parent company specializes in manufacturing and trading diamond and gold jewelry as wholesalers and retailers;
  • The parent company has an annual gross revenue of over $2 million;
  • The Indian parent company will wholly own the Canadian subsidiary;
  • The Executive had prior success in selling company products to Canadian retailers and had visited Canada on multiple occasions;
  • The Executive is highly educated in the jewelry field and has extensive experience and education in business development; and
  • One of the other goals of our client was to bring the Executive’s common-law partner with him to Canada for the duration of his employment in the country. 

After carefully analyzing our client’s background and business goals, our business immigration lawyers proposed pursuing the Intra-Company Transfer Work Permit

The Timeline of the Case

Our business immigration lawyers incorporated the Canadian company on 19 November 2021, and we submitted the business immigration application on 19 December 2021.

The Visa Office approved the application on 20 May 2022, after experiencing some Covid-19 related delays at the IRCC processing centers. 

The client received a work permit, and his common-law partner obtained an open work permit. We are thrilled to see another business application succeed and happy to welcome another business and another family to Canada.

Key Takeaways from this Case

Many companies achieve domestic success, and many even dominate their domestic markets. Some companies stop at that because the thought of international expansion can seem daunting. However, the opportunities that arise from global growth can supersede all of your expectations. From exploring new revenues to securing new clients to developing new products and services – international expansion can help you achieve your business objectives.

We’ve helped many foreign businesses enter the North American market through a Canadian expansion. We’ve seen many client success stories, and our Senior Immigration Lawyer, Feruza Djamalova, gave some exclusive tips in her Forbes article on how you can succeed too! Many companies can use their domestic expertise and experience to develop successful operations in Canada. The transition can be as seamless as opening another office in your home country! 

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