Sobirovs Law Firm expands its reach with IMMWORLD S.p.A.

Sobirovs Law Firm expands its reach with IMMWORLD S.p.A.

January 25, 2020

Sobirovs Law Firm signed a cooperation agreement with IMMWORLD S.p.A, Chile’s leading immigration consulting firm. Together the firms will cooperate in providing tailored services to the clients from Chile who want to do business with Canada.

IMMWORLD S.p.A is a consulting firm with a team of 6 professionals based in Santiago de Chile. The firm has rich experience in working with foreign educational institutions inChile such as Sprachcaffe Languages Plus, Institut Francais Du Chili, London Language Institute and the British Council.

“Our relationship with IMMWORLD expands our reach to one of Latin America’s largest economies with the help of a consulting firm that has an established presence in the country,” said Rakhmad Sobirov, the Firm’s managing lawyer.

“This cooperation will contribute to strengthening Canada-Chile relationship by helping Chilean business owners and investors to establish a presence in Canada and relocating key personal from Chile to Canada for short-term as well as long term projects. Sobirovs Law Firm will also introduce to aspiring Chilean international students its new innovative learning platform, ImmigrationShop, where the students can learn how to get admitted to the top universities and colleges in Canada and apply for student visas by learning directly from licensed Canadian immigration lawyers.”

Sobirovs Law Firm’s agreement with IMMWORLD is the firm’s first move in its expansion in Latin America.

“It’s a new chapter for IMMWORLD to unite forces with a Canadian immigration law firm. This reflects our commitment to provide tailored services to Chilean clients following both Chilean and Canadian laws.That’s why our Canadian partners will provide legal advice on Canadian immigration law to our clients while we will take care of the marketing as well as administrative tasks in working on each client’s immigration matter,” noted by Tijen Cetin, CEO of IMMWORLD.

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Sobirovs Law Firm is a boutique law firm specialized in business and investor immigration. The firm helps business owners, corporate executives, entrepreneurs and investors and their families to relocate to Canada temporarily or permanently.

When foreign companies want to establish an office in Canada, transfer its key employees and senior management, or want to obtain permanent residence in Canada, Sobirovs Law Firm is ready to provide legal support at each stage of the immigration process. Basedin Toronto, Canada, the firm is expanding its reach with certain trusted agents and business partners in various parts of the world.

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IMMWORLD is Chile’s leading firm in providing investment and relocation consulting services related to North America. With its team of dedicated professionals, the firm has served many business owners, investors and private clients to access the Chilean market. The firm also established cooperation with such educational institutions as Sprachcaffe Languages Plus, Institut Francais Du Chili, London Language Institute and the British Council.

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IMMWORLD S.p.A., General del Canto 105, Suite 208, Providencia, Santiago de Chile, Tel: + 56 23 210 7934, Email: [email protected], Web: