Turkish Entrepreneur Expands His Australian E-Commerce Company to Canada

Turkish Entrepreneur Expands His Australian E-Commerce Company to Canada

Australian E-Commerce Business Enters Canada

A well-established Australian businessman contacted us to inquire about his possibilities for expanding his business to Canada. The Client had a budget between CAD $300,000 and $400,000 to fund the expansion of his company to Canada.

The facts of his case were:

  • The company was established in Australia in June of 2020.
  • The e-commerce company is dedicated to providing customers with wellness and beauty products such as body massagers, orthopedic pillows, fitness equipment, as well as beauty and aromatherapy productions, in both B2B and B2C segments.
  • The company generated nearly CAD $3.5 million in gross revenue last year, with CAD $2.3 million of revenue coming from its Canadian market.
  • The Client and his partner both equally co-own the Australian and Canadian companies.
  • The Client has extensive industry knowledge with over 7 years of senior management experience.
  • One of the main goals of our Client was to incorporate his common-law partner, who is a citizen of Brazil into the immigration plans. The Client himself is a Turkish national. 

Our business immigration lawyers assessed our Client’s circumstances and advised on the Intra-Company Transferee process for his business immigration.

The Timeline of the Case

We assisted the Client to incorporate his Canadian start-up in Canada in April 2021 and thoroughly reviewed his expansion plan. The Client will be hired as the Executive Manager at the company and be responsible for the overall operation of the Canadian company.

As per the Client’s request, we provided advice on employee hiring in Canada to support the Client’s plan to hire at least 1 Canadian employee before he arrives in Canada to run his business.

We submitted the application on October 7, 2021, and received the approval letter on December 7, 2021, which is exactly 2 months to get a positive result for the Client.

Our Client received a work permit and his wife received an open work permit.

Takeaways from the Case

In business immigration, you are bound to come across people from all over the world and deal with citizens of various countries. In this particular case, the applicant was Turkish, the company was Australian with additional operations in New Zealand, and the partner was Brazilian. 4 different countries involved in one ICT application. One needs to have the mastery to navigate all these jurisdictions in pursuing the Client’s best interests.

Many may think that having multiple countries in the background may harm their chance of business immigration. In reality, Canada is a very multicultural nation, welcomes diversity and is a great country for international trade. In our work, we have come across applicants from almost every country. Some think that being a citizen of a specific country may make it easier or harder to immigrate – and in some cases it is true. We never approach all Clients with the same success formula. We tailor our services to fit their specific needs.

However, in our experience even if there are hurdles on our Client’s business immigration journey, there are very limited circumstances in which we would not succeed if we take someone as our Client. Having years of industry experience, a professional and client-oriented team, and knowledge of best industry practices, we are able to overcome many setbacks.

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