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Sobirovs Law Firm focuses on helping foreign business owners to come to Canada to do business & establish themselves in this vibrant North American market, which is one of the worldʼs biggest consumer markets. For each client, we develop a thorough immigration strategy that fully meets the clientʼs short-, medium- & long-term goals.

A general outline of the pathways that we have developed & successfully tried for clients can be described as the following:

Establishing a business & obtaining a work permit

As a first step, we help you establish your business presence in Canada & you will start working for your Canadian company.

Getting ready for a permanent residence program

While you work in Canada weʼll guide you on possible ways to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

Applying for permanent residence

Once you're ready, we'll help you apply for the permanent residence.

From permanent residence to Canadian citizenship

When you lived sufficient days in Canada as a permanent resident, weʼll help you & your family become Canadian citizens.


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