Uzbek Car Export Business Approved to Expand in Canada

Uzbek Car Export Business Approved to Expand in Canada

Canada welcomes foreign entrepreneurs of great calibre and varied backgrounds to establish business operations that could benefit both Canadians and consumers in foreign countries. If you are an entrepreneur from Uzbekistan, this success story will present a real-life case of how Uzbek businesses can expand in Canada. Our team of professionals is ready to help you bring your business to Canada as we did in this case.

Summary of the Case

  • Type of Business in Canada: Car exporting business
  • Citizenship of the Applicant: Uzbekistan
  • Travel History of the Applicant: Extensive
  • Funds Allocated for Canadian Operations: $250,000
  • Applicant’s Family Visas: Open work permit for the spouse and relevant permits for 3 children
  • Results: Approval 8 months after submission of the application
  • Expected Arrival in Canada: Summer 2023

A successful automobile dealer business in Uzbekistan decided to expand to North America and chose Canada as the best gateway to the market. To capitalize on the growing popularity of electric vehicles in Canada and Uzbekistan, the owner of the Uzbek business saw great potential in doing business in this sector.

Sobirovs Law Firm helped the client set up a Canadian start-up company in Toronto, Ontario, as a way to expand the operations of the Uzbekistani company. To facilitate this expansion, the Canadian company needed an experienced leader to oversee the management and facilitation of the launch, which led to the client’s application for a work permit as an Intra-Company Transferee.

Trusting the professionals at Sobirovs Law Firm, the businessman submitted his application, which argued that all the requirements for the Global Skills Strategy, qualifying him for the 2-week processing of his application, were met. He was also exempt from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process under exemption code C12 as he was transferring to oversee the management and facilitation of the launch of the Canadian affiliate of his Uzbekistani company.

Timeline of the Case

The process took longer than expected, and the businessman had to wait patiently for the outcome of his applications. However, his patience paid off as the Sobirovs team lawyers submitted detailed and strong arguments in the work permit application. The businessman’s role with the Canadian company was in a senior-managerial capacity, and he would exercise discretion in managing the company, developing marketing policies, supervising and training staff, as well as establishing financial targets.

May 9, 2022 – Sobirovs team prepared a robust business immigration application for the client and his family, including a spouse and 3 children. Biometric information was submitted immediately after the application.

August 2022 – As requested by the Canadian authorities, we had to explain the details of the client’s compulsory military service in his home country.

January 31, 2023 – Case Processing Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, confirmed the receipt of biometrics data, and soon after that, the CPC Edmonton sent a request for passports. 

March 16, 2023 – We were informed that the client’s application (covering the whole family) was approved.

A screenshot from the Authroized Paid Representative Portal for this Success Story
A screenshot from the Paid Representative Portal

Main Takeaways from This Case

Establishing a presence in Canada and doing business in your home market: Canada has a lot to offer regarding the export of goods and services. Therefore, it is pretty normal to establish a presence in Canada while your primary customers are in your home country. Your Canadian office can specialize in bringing great Canadian products and services to your home country and many other countries with which Canada has strong trade relationships.

Did you know that once you are an established Canadian business, you can benefit from the trade regimes established by Canada’s 14 free trade agreements covering many countries? So, when expanding your business to Canada, consider that you are joining a different club of countries with which to can trade and do business.

Processing time is out of your control, so manage your expectations accordingly: The business immigration process is mainly controlled by the capacity of the relevant embassy or consulate, the Case Processing Centres, and the overall backlog of cases before the Canadian authorities. Therefore, putting an additional time buffer in your relocation plans is advised. As seen in this case, while we expected that the processing would be fast, it ended up taking longer (around 8 months) for the Canadian authorities to decide on the client’s application.

Ultimately, it worked out well for this client because his children will finish their current school program in Uzbekistan in the summer and start a new school year in Canada in September 2023 after adjusting to Canada during the summer.

Demonstrate that you are coming to Canada for a temporary mission: The Intra-Company Transferees come to Canada to help the Canadian corporation to achieve specific goals on a temporary basis. Therefore, it is essential to highlight the temporary nature of your function in Canada. In this case, the client’s business and ties to the home country were very strong. The client’s family has no intention of permanently residing in Canada and plans to return to Uzbekistan upon completing their proposed business venture. Their ties to their home country, including ownership of commercial properties, family ties, and community involvement, are a testament to their commitment to return to Uzbekistan. With a strong foothold in Canada, we hope that they will grow their Uzbekistani business further.

In conclusion, the client’s success story is one of boldness, patience, and meticulous execution. Their commitment to creating job opportunities for Canadians and contributing to the growth of the local economy is admirable, and their success serves as an inspiration to others looking to take their business to the next level. By trusting the professionals at Sobirovs Law Firm and patiently waiting for the outcome of their application, the client is now able to achieve his goals and contribute to the growth of his Canadian and Uzbekistani businesses.

Business Immigration Strategy Meeting Graphic

How We Can Help Uzbek Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Firstly, we know Uzbekistan and Canada very well. In fact, when preparing this success story, our senior lawyers are travelling to Uzbekistan to organize seminars on “Business Immigration and Startup Visa to Canada”, which will be announced soon. So, stay tuned.

Secondly, we know how to select the best strategy for Uzbekistani businesses wishing to expand and relocate to Canada. Almost all our applications from Uzbekistan have been successful so far. Our latest business immigration applications from this country in Central Asia have been very successful, and we are glad to know that these businesses will contribute to improving Canada-Uzbekistan economic relations.

Finally, if you are serious about bringing your business and family to Canada, then you need the expertise of those who have helped many foreign entrepreneurs to do just that! We are meticulous in choosing who we take as our clients and so should you when choosing your legal advisors.

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