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Whether you run a large international company or a fast-growing business, noncompliance with immigration laws shouldnʼt hamper your need to move key personnel -- or to manage your global enterprise.

Sobirovs Law Firm will get you and your business on the path to process compliance with all relevant immigration laws in Canada.

Experts At Multi-Layered Immigration Applications

Sobirovs Law Firm offers comprehensive support and a full range of work permit and authorization services for businesses in Canada and abroad. This includes:

Visa issuance guidance.

Let Sobirovs Law Firm worry about managing each workerʼs application process and eligibility, including their work experience, education and language skills to obtain the relevant visa for a temporary position, permanent role, or other programs.

Advice on dependents and/or family member visa processing, student-related matters, and maintaining legal status within the country.

For example, open work permits allow family and dependents to work as foreign nationals independently from your company, and thus exempt from requiring a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).


Guidance on entry and departure procedures.

We will ensure every one of your foreign employees understands which documents to show at the Canadian border, such as a Port of Entry letter, and that all the documentation is correct and accurate.


Guidance for successful security and medical clearance processing.

Weʼll work side-by-side with you until you obtain the necessary medical and security clearances for each of your foreign hires, and, as necessary, their spouses and/or dependents over the age of 18.


Direct assistance with complex cases.

No matter the reason -- from previous application rejections to identify verification challenges, Sobirovs Law Firm promises you diligent, strong advocacy before government agencies, federal court and immigration authorities so you keep your immigration strategy on track.

Sobirovs Law Firmʼs 100% guaranteed Visa Application Accuracy

Our dedicated team of lawyers and immigration specialists will prepare each and every work permit application with perfect care and diligence. That means:

  • Absolutely no incomplete or missing information from required forms, letters and supporting documents;
  • Finding the right program and program class, every time, in consideration of each applicantʼs age, education, net worth, occupation and work experience;
  • Ensuring every job offer and scope is always supported and valid for the work permit needed;
  • Accurately validating the skills and experience for either LMIA work permit applicants, OR LMIA-exempt applicants, according to their National Occupational Classification (NOC);
  • Complete, accurate validation of the applicantʼs medical and security background, as well as an accounting of their financial and social ties, both in their home country and within Canada.

Let us prepare your foreign employee work permit applications company-wide, including filing for temporary work and residence permits, entry clearances, visas, and other key immigration matters.


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