Professional and Friendly

Thank you so much Sobirovs Law Firm. So I was just searching on Google for a good and professional law firm to help me and my family get to Canada through a convenient pathway. I saw their website and gave it a try. It has been a wonderful experience with the team, they are friendly, professional in what they do and they guide, update you on every step. To the team, you guys are doing a great job. I will recommend the Sobirovs Law Firm to anyone who wants a transparent and convenient means of migrating to Canada.

Excellent Support and Guidance

Thank you Sobirovs Law Firm for your excellent support and guidance in my Work Permit process. Your positive approach, expertise and proficiency are much appreciated. I would personally recommend Sobirovs for any immigration advice.

Knowledgeable and Professional

We expand our Australian Business to Canada and definitely recommend Sobirovs Law Firm if you are moving or expanding your business into Canada. I am pleased with the service provided by Maggie and Feruza. We got a positive result for our application four days ago! They’re knowledgeable and professional.

Wholeheartedly Recommend

We had a complex ICT case, and Sovirovs Law Firm was exceptionally patient at working through all the details with us and then preparing a great packet that led to approval. The team is highly skilled: they understand the intricacies of business immigration very well. They’re also super organized and took care of a lot of things like incorporation in Canada without us having to hire separate legal/accounting help for them. I will wholeheartedly recommend them.

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Worth Your Time and Money

I got a positive result after 6 months the application was submitted. ( I think I could get the result even earlier if the application was not delayed by Covid and Coup in my current country). I wanted to thank Feruza, Trish Phan for their guidance. I personally appreciated Judy as my Immigration Case Worker because she helped me a lot with tons of answers and help. I would like highly recommend Sobirovs Law Firm for the Business Immigration Programs. It will be worth your time and money.

We received only the best service

Sobirovs Law Firm is one of the most professional companies to work with. We received only the best service. Judy Le was our appointed Immigration Case Worker. She was very responsive, kind and helpful at all times.

Shaken by Happiness

Before I requested professional help, my immigration application had a very bad hiccup. I would never be able to overcome this issue without dedicated support from Sobirovs team, especially Feruza and Mariam. I know how lucky I was when the whole team did try their best in order to help me out. Even Judy and Sosaan got involved and supported at some points. They not only worked so hard to sort things out but also went the extra mile to calm me down (I got very emotional during the whole process). I was shaking when coming to Feruza to ask for a favor. I am currently shaking, but this time with happiness. When I read the approval letter, I couldn’t stop trembling and smiling 🙂 Thank you incredibly much, Sobirovs team. I trust that you guys have changed many people’s lives for the better (including me). And you will do more in the future. All the very best, Cadie.

A Big Thank You from South Africa

A very big thank you to the team at Sobirovs (Judy and Feruza) Especially Judy Le who kept me updated for the past 8 months regularly as well as assisted in acquiring the business that resulted in the positive work permit application. And a thank you to Mr. Sobirov who gave me correct advice on the route to take in my first zoom call with him when we first started. The youtube videos are great. I will recommend the firm’s expertise to all. I look forward to working on the next step with the team once I land in the near future.

A New Chapter of My Life

I was lucky to find a very reputable immigration law firm to help me with my ICT work permit. The process was really smooth and it was amazing that the team was able to finish my work permit application in only 3 months. Right after my application was submitted, I get a medical check request for less than one week. I would like to thank Sobirovs’ team and my lawyers for your great support not only for my application but also a new chapter of my life.

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They went the extra mile

I was very impressed by their professional outlook, helpful and very responsive staff. They went the extra mile to ensure that my queries were answered on time every time.

Thank you, Sobirovs Law Firm

Thankful For Reaching My Goal With Sobirovs Law Firm

I would recommend Sobirovs for anyone who would like to come to Canada, they are professional, reliable, and they’ll guide you step by step to reach your goal, that is my experience with them and I thank the Sobirovs team for reaching my goal.

Help in Difficult Times

The team at Sobirovs was great at getting us into Canada during these difficult pandemic times! They are very professional, they know all the options for the best ways to do things and helped us all along the way. I very much recommend them for help with immigration – they are a great team of friendly people.

Richard Dickins

Trusting Sobirovs – A Great Decision

Trusting Sobirovs with our future was a great decision. From inception, they understood exactly what we wanted to accomplish and they delivered. The team was always responsive in a timely manner and all questions were answered throughout our process. Thank you to Feruza, Mariam and the entire team for what you have done for my family and I.

Anisa Mahadeo from Trinidad and Tobago

Professionalism & Responsiveness

I am pleased to share my experience with Sobirovs Firm, as they have recently helped me with my Express Entry application as a Canadian Experience class applicant. Three months past, I am celebrating my PR approval with my family!!! As I am a lawyer myself, due to my busy schedule, I asked for their help with the application to avoid any mistakes and save my time from doing lots of research. I must say I did not make a mistake, the process became easy and stayed under a control. Even though, I was really demanding and asking lots of detailed questions they always stayed on top of each of my requests which made it a very positive experience. Therefore, I recommend everyone to hire a lawyer or a team of lawyers that are experts in a specific field. But, importantly, choose Sobirovs for your immigration case.

I am especially very thankful to Feruza, Judy, and Margaret who assisted with my application. The team listened to my requirements and offered appropriate solutions along the way, prepared the application along with the supporting documents in a timely manner. In another word, I highly recommend Sobirovs Law firm. They will go above and beyond to help their client and ensure you know your every step. Thank you for your support and keep up the excellent work bringing professionals to Canada.


Simple & Hassle Free

We had a ICT transfer of the company through SOBIROVS, these are one of the best Law firms, they made the process so simple and hassle free, and so responsible during each phase of the process. I would personally recommend SOBIROVS for immigration transitions. Thanks to SOBIROVS LAW FIRM again.

Mahesh CG

This Is Our Happy End.

Let to tell my story, I and my wife have come to Canada in 2010 I got a contract with a Data Recovery company and they transferred my family to Canada. In the beginning, we didn’t think about immigration, I was working for that company for almost 10 years, paid taxes, my wife was studied in a local college. After 2014, it was the year when Russia invaded my mother country, we started to think about what would we do and immigration to Canada was looked like the more possible. But at this point, I hadn’t good language skills and our age was one more problem, we have passed 40. When my company has closed its business in Canada and I got fired, I knew where I should go, I went to the Sobirovs Law Firm team, they did work permits the last couple of times for my company for me and were very creative, they received WP for the fourth time for me with a special but completely legal trick, maybe you know that this is very hard without serious reasons.

They carefully studied my case and share their opinion – there weren’t common immigration programs that were matched to our conditions, but they have a resolution for us.

They totally collected all details of our lives carefully reflected them in documents and wrote a referral letter, that maybe was so persuasive, that in the letter of decision the officer mentioned that they agree with the arguments of my law firm and that is why our case was approved.

That is our happy end 🙂

Maxim Slonimskiy

Positive Result, Speed & Efficiency

Pleased to share my experience with Sobirovs, who are dedicated, highly experienced and professional. The team listened to my requirement and offered appropriate solution, prepared the application along with the supporting documents in a timely manner.

I am delighted with the positive result, speed, and efficiency in the manner the entire process was handled. I wish to place on record my heartfelt thanks to the entire team of Sobirovs, specifically to Ms Feruza and Ms Judy for their expertise and professionalism.

I would highly recommend Sobirovs for your Business Immigration requirements.

Mohan A

Kind & Helpful

Totally recommended. Very professional service and great commitment to accomplish customer needs. They were kind and helpful to face all the challenges during the visa process. Special thanks to Mariam, Tijen, Feruza and all the team :).

Jose Luis Troncoso

Professional, Responsive, and Reliable Team

If anyone who is seeking for a trustworthy Law Firm with immigration services to Canada as a business owner or an investor, I strongly recommend Sobirovs Law Firm. With a professional, responsive, and reliable team, I finally got my work permit on my Intra-Company Transferee program (ICT) after one month my application submitted. Thank you sincerely to Ms Feruza, and Ms Judy for your passionate, thoughtful, brilliant and hard work for ensuring the best possible outcome on my behalf in the past few months. Thank you so much !

Tran Ana

Kindness & Compassion

I believe kindness & compassion go along way. You can tell when someone work with a passion and take good care of their clients.
Thank you, Feruza and Judy.

Kelly Hong Le

This Is The Place

If you need a professional team to take care of you this is the place! Great service, gives you best results! Don’t even think twice and don’t waste your money and time. This is the place!

Natalia Lysenko


I have just received the approval on my application ,really the company could design my application in a very professional way that suits my credentials according to my case .

they enabled me to make a very good file and during my file preparation steps , they supported me a lot and directed me day by day to collect my file documents in a very short time .

they were highly committed in the time frame they promised me for file submission.

the most impressive part was their very professional way of follow up on the progress of my application ,they made very coherent and adherent way.

i am very happy for selecting this company for designing my case and my application and i am thanking the person who introduced them to me ,really i was very lucky.

thanks really for the whole team of the company who managed my case and my application from the step of application design utill application approval.

Dr. Essam Farouk

Honest Efforts

Making decision about immigration is difficult but being able to find a professional and reliable team to assist and guide you throughout this path is both difficult and chance-based. I highly recommend Sobirovs law team to anyone who doesn’t want to risk this choice. My family and I are very grateful of their endless endeavors , helpful guidance and honest efforts. Big thanks to Ms. Feruza, Ms. Judy and to the whole Sobirovs team.

Sebnem Bektas

Excellent Service

I highly recommend Sabirovs Law Firm. They’re knowledgeable and professional. I’ve received excellent service from them, special thanks to Mrs. Feruza.

Silaint Trade

Friendly, Professional & Very Honest

Sobirovs Law firm is a friendly, professional and very honest firm and you can be sure that your immigration proses is well done especially mr. Rakhmad Sobirov ,mrs. Feruze and mrs. Tijen Çetin are just like your family and olso they do their job very professionally and very good. I would like to thank them but especially Mrs. Tijen Çetin is deserved a huge thanks, thank you Tijen Çetin.

Cemal Parlar

Les agradezco su apoyo, colaboración y experiencia

Los abogados de Sobirovs poseen muchísima experiencia en procesos migratorios, como empresa nos han dado la correcta asesoría en todo momento, han sido dedicados, comprometidos con nuestro proceso migratorio, y son atentos a los detalles, muy preocupados por satisfacer los deseos nuestros, por lo que recomiendo su asesoría profesional, la cual es de muy buena calidad, y lo más importante están orientados en ayudarnos antes, durante y después de haber comenzado nuestras operaciones en Canada. Les agradezco su apoyo, colaboración y experiencia en este tipo de procesos, lo que para un Nuevo Inmigrante, son desafíos importantes, y en ellos se puede confiar de excelente manera. Los felicito por su impecable trabajo, Luis Eduardo

Luis Diaz Castillo

Amazing Place

Amazing place and very friendly staff

Rate it 10/10

Saidolim Maxmudovf

Highly Recommend

My Canada dream could not come true without Sobirovs Law Firm. Our family used to fail to come to Canada as visitors (twice). Our PEI application did not work well either. We almost reached to the point of giving up until we met this amazing firm. The firm has been working hard for my Intra-Company Transferee work permit application.

The team went above and beyond what we need with their knowledge and professionalism. Mrs. Feruza took care of my application and I have to admit that she is the most reliable, trustworthy yet friendly immigration lawyer I’ve known.

Also, credit should be given to Judy who was always willing to provide me with the utmost detail of any request/concern I made.

Highly recommend Sobirovs Law Firm to anyone who wish to immigrate to Canada as a bussiness owner.

Ha An

Trusted Advisor

“Since our first teleconference, Feruza and Lijing have been extremely helpful explaining the possible options that suit my needs as well as the application process and time frame. You are resourceful in connecting me to your local business network. Your professional team also worked very diligently and attentively throughout the submission process. I am particularly grateful for your continued support even after making my submission. You are my trusted advisor when it comes to Canada business immigration!”

TW (Hong Kong)

Genuine Dedication and Professionalism

“I don’t know where to start because there is so much to say about their genuine dedication and professionalism I experienced during the whole process. I worked with Feruza Djamalova who is the best business immigration lawyer in Toronto based on my personal experience. She has been so professional and supportive from the beginning till the end of my application process. I did not feel insecure or vulnerable even for a second throughout my work permit application process. She has made me feel so confident and optimistic from the start of my immigration journey to Canada.

Eventually, my work permit has been approved without any single trouble. I am so lucky to find this amazing immigration law firm and the best immigration lawyer, Mrs. Djamalova. Thank you, guys for being so professional and supportive during the entire process. I would especially like to thank my brilliant lawyer, Feruza Djamalova. Thank you so much! If I hadn’t found you guys, I would never get the result I needed. I strongly recommend Sobirovs Law Firm to anybody who wants to immigrate to Canada without any trouble.”

Yagiz Yolacaner

| A business owner from Turkey
Maruf Yusupov profile photo

I Recommend Them as Trustworthy Business Immigration Lawyers

“I did business immigration to Canada with Sobirovs Law Firm and moved from Denmark together with my family to our new home in Canada in early 2020.

As a client, my case needed more attention compared to other cases. Besides, COVID19 made the whole situation more complicated.

The Sobirovs team helped me with the whole process and I recommend them as trustworthy business immigration lawyers.”

– Maruf Yusupov

| CEO & Co-founder at Halal.ad & AliHuda.com
Berk Bozebeyoglu

Reliable, Honest and Hard-Working Lawyers

“I’m the COO at Elektroland Canada. We have made a decision to expand globally and decided to open our North American headquarters in Canada. After some disappointing and long processes with other firms, we have been fortunate enough to come across Sobirovs Law Firm while doing our research looking for help with our legal processes. The Firm’s team has been tremendously helpful with our visa and work permit applications for our intra-company transfer to Canada.

It took us very little time to obtain the necessary documents and get our permits approved. Unlike huge corporate law firms, they look after every case personally and make sure that you are on the right and most efficient track. They have been very transparent and helpful throughout the entire process and for this reason, I cannot thank them enough.

If you are looking for reliable, honest and hard-working lawyers working with you during your visa or immigration process, Sobirovs Law Firm is the best choice you can make.”

Berk Bozbeyoglu

| COO at Elektroland Canada
Mert Buckun

Supportive and Informative Throughout the Process

“My name is Mert and I have been in the Natural Health Products market for some time. In early 2019 I started looking for someone to support expanding my business into Canada, I ended up with one of Sobirovs Law Firm Webinars. Actually, the webinar helped me a lot to perceive the details and also, the questions to be asked further. Shortly after the webinar, I sent an email to Mr. Sobirov and he was quite helpful with a prompt response.

After a couple of months, I arranged an exploratory visit to Toronto and had the chance to meet with Sobirovs Law Firm face to face at a meeting. Until that day, I made my own research to gather information about the process to ask the right questions. Mrs. Djamalova met with me in person and we discussed the whole process with timelines and costs. The office is very transparent and it helps big time to build trust in between. Following my return back to home town, I started working with Sobirovs Law Firm and within 6 months I had my company established and my work visa approved. In December 2019, I moved my business and myself to Vancouver.

Sobirovs Law Firm has been very supportive and informative throughout the process. Moreover, prompt responses and answers over my questions/requests/concerns smoothened the whole process. In fact, we are still in touch with the office and I can say that I feel like I’m one of their colleagues/friends. Eventually, I would highly recommend anyone who has been thinking about moving his/her company into the Canadian market.”

Mert Buçkün

| President at Proceuticals Nutrition Ltd.

Professional, Detail Oriented and Compassionate

“Professional, detail oriented and compassionate law firm. It was a pleasure working with Feruza and Lijing. I would recommend Sobirovs services to businesses and individuals who needs help with immigration issues.”

Maqsud Alighazi

Very Quick and Professional

“For us, it’s been the best law firm experience in Canada. I got a work permit for my sister and her family in a very quick and professional way. I would recommend that everyone who needs business immigration help contacts Sobirovs Law Firm and you would not regret it.”

Maqsud Alighazi

| CEO at Dimes Canada Inc.

Thank the Whole Sobirovs Team

“Before applying for PR in Canada, we have had many meetings with various Immigration Consultants, and I may proudly admit that Sobirovs was the most professional and promising among all. Feruza having deep knowledge about every step of the process, providing most convenient solutions, being supported by very professional colleague Burak, will surely take serious applicants to the happy end of their Canada dream. Once again, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the whole Sobirovs Team for their great effort and support.”

Burçin Gülyurt

Emre Buyukgoz

Professional and Trustable Services

“If you are looking for an immigration and work permit service in Canada, I strongly recommend you this law firm. Thank you so much for the professional and trustable services that you provided.”

Emre Buyukgoz

| President at Yesu Group International

Forever Grateful

“Feruza Djamalova is a really knowledgeable, caring, confident and amazing lawyer! I highly recommend her. She helped my family with a really complicated case. I will be forever grateful! She is the reason why my family is together now. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us!”

Irina Popov

Gave Me the Guidance that I Needed

“Excellent experience. Ms. Feruza was very attentive to my questions and gave me the guidance that I needed adding valuable inputs. Receptive and welcoming team.”

Eliane Moreira


“Sayın Rakhmad Sobirov’un son derece profesyonel ve samimi yaklaşımı vardı. Çok güzel bir ofisleri var. İşlerini ciddi olarak yaptıkları izlenimine kapıldım. Herkese öneririm.”

Shida Çetinkaya

Very Helpful and Kind

“Mr. Rakhmad Sobirov was very helpful and kind. He attended to us promptly and took care of our legal issue without delay. I was very satisfied with the service and highly recommend him. Thank you.”

Rrezarta Simixhiu

Get the Job Done Promptly

“I am very happy with the exceptional service provided by Mr. Rakhmad and his team. They are very efficient and get the job done promptly. I would definitely recommend Sobirovs to anyone who is looking for an immigration lawyer.”

JD Lucia

Working Tirelessly

“I would like to express my profound gratitude to Ms. Feruza Djamalova for all the care and concern you have shown me, and for working tirelessly to ensure that the law worked in my favor. I wanted to say thank you for helping to resolve my case so quickly. I truly appreciate that you have accepted the role as my appeal lawyer. Having an experienced attorney like you on my side was a big honour for me. If it weren’t for your analytical skills and knowledge, the matter of filing my appeal wouldn’t have been settled by now. Thanks once again for your legal advice, time, and efforts. It was very important for me to know that you will take the time to critically analyse my case, which was not easy at all and I know it was a challenge for you and for your team in general. I truly appreciate the helpfulness of your assistants, who got involved in trying to make a research on my case. Thank you, Ms. Feruza and to the entire Sobirovs Law firm for your Help, which made a big difference in my life.”

Nargiz Mammadova

Helpful, Genuine, Professional, and Sweet

“Mr. Rakhmad Sobirov and everyone else are very helpful, genuine, professional, and sweet! I would definitely recommend Sobirovs Law Firm to anyone!”

Nilgün İrem Koç

Approaches Issues in an Ethically Correct Way

“I had experience with the owner Mr. Rakhmad and one of the associates Joseph and I gave 5 stars to both of them. For Rakhmad, nowadays I don’t see a lot of people who are actually knowledgeable in law and people like to just behave like they know a lot. This ends up ruining lives sometimes. Especially when it comes to immigration. I have witnessed that Rakhmad knows what he is doing. I also can vouch that he approaches issues in an ethically correct way. Some people may think and have a “do whatever to win” attitude, but trust me, when it comes to law, our judges are really smart (Thank God) and being right pays off as much as being ethical. So, don’t believe in the people who promise you the world but believe in the people who can actually get you some results. I have belief that Rakhmad is one of those people who gets results for you. For Joseph, he is an experienced person with an enforcement background and has a degree in law. He was able to answer all of my questions and is very client friendly. He doesn’t hesitate to say that he needs to research some issues if he needs to and this is the right attitude. I have witnessed a lot of cases from people who were promised the world and started a case very happily, but it turns out they don’t have a strong case and they lose the case later. It is bad to lose a case but what is worse is to have that loss in your record later because in order to fix that loss, you and your next lawyer are going to need to work twice as hard, if not triple or if you will have a case again…Some decisions are irrevocable. In short, I am giving them 5 stars for my experience. Keep up the good work!”

Ali Duman

Thank You So Much

“Mr. Sobirov was my lawyer and consultant for Express Entry in the middle of the processing of my application. His team was able to provide urgent responses to CIC on my behalf. Taking into account that I had only 5 days to analyze the situation, draft detailed letters, and arrange certified translations and copies of missing documents, his team arranged everything on time. Thank you so much!!!”

Mir Mirakhmedov

Professional Service With a Human Touch

“Very professional and high knowledgeable Immigration Firm. I got the best advice even before officially using their services or paying for the consultation. Mr. Sobirov was always prompt in replying to my queries. I wanted to book for a paid consultation, but he wrote to me and advised me to wait until I get my IELTS and TEF Canada tests results. I would recommend Mr. Sobirov and Sobirovs Law Firm for all your immigration issues. If you want a professional service with a human touch, then these guys are the best and they will not hesitate to go the extra mile to serve you! Good luck!”

Washeelah Choomka

Transparent Way of Working

“Great service, very knowledgeable staff. Thank you!”

Katherine Balabanova

Professional and Dedicated Lawyers

“A team of professional and dedicated lawyers. I like their great job and positive can-do attitude. They know how to deal with each partner on broad areas of legal services (corporate issues, business services, contracts, immigration, etc.) and my Anori Management company highly recommends them.”

Akmal Bazarov

| Senior Manager at Anori Management Company

World Class Professionalism

“World class professionalism. Kudos to Feruza and her team!”

Nancy Khalifa

| Director of Marketing/Board Member at My Way Incorporated