What are the Pros of the Self-Employed Program in Canada?

What are the Pros of the Self-Employed Program in Canada?

August 14, 2020

Canada’s Self-Employed Program is designed to streamline the immigration process for certain motivated individuals who can make unique contributions to the Canadian economy and have relevant experience in farm management, athletics, or cultural activities. Applicants to this program must also possess the ability and intention to create a business after entering Canada that will at least create employment for themselves, while ideally creating additional jobs and benefits to Canada.

Benefits of Canada’s Self-Employed Program

The Self-Employed Program provides an immigration route for foreign individuals who want to immigrate to Canada and work for themselves. This program is open to foreign individuals seeking to immigrate to any province or territory in Canada, except for Quebec, which administers its own Quebec Self-Employed Program.

The benefits of this program help separate it from many of Canada’s other immigration routes.

Indeed, applicants under this program are not required to invest their own funds into a company or the government, and they are not required to obtain any funding from a private organization or governmental entity.

The program also offers several benefits that separate it from Canada’s Entrepreneur Visa Program.

Unlike the Entrepreneur Visa Program, the Self-Employed Program does not have any net-worth requirement, although it does require you to have sufficient funds for immigration purposes such as supporting any dependents that you intend to bring into Canada with you. Without this net-worth requirement, you will be free to set up your own business without the added pressures of maintaining a certain profit margin or profit-maximizing mindset that may conflict with your goals. You will be free to set up your business or enterprise on your own terms while still contributing to the Canadian economy.

Meanwhile, the program may also be more attractive than the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Unlike the Federal Skilled Worker Program, you will only need two years of experience in your chosen field to enter Canada as a self-employed individual intending to operate within that area of culture or athletics. While you still need to be qualified in this chosen field, you will have much more flexibility in terms of entrepreneurship.

Aside from being an optimal solution for non-residents looking to move to Canada and open their own business or otherwise be self-employed, this program can also streamline the immigration process for those who are eligible. Under the Self-Employed Program, you will not need a job offer to apply for entry. Further, you will not be required to actually start a business before you enter Canada, and there will be no conditions on your status as are placed by many other immigration programs in Canada.

Finally, after your application is approved for Canada’s Self-Employed Program, you will then be granted permanent residency in Canada. Other immigration programs, such as the Provincial Nominee Program, require you to apply and be accepted under the program before, then also applying for permanent residency. Other programs may also require you to apply, be approved, and enter Canada on a temporary visa before, then applying for permanent residency later.

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