Why My Application for the Start-Up Visa Program in Canada Might Be Denied?

Why My Application for the Start-Up Visa Program in Canada Might Be Denied?

August 19, 2020

Completing an application for a Start-Up Visa in Canada involves a series of steps. A mistake in any one of these steps could cause your application to be denied.

Common Reasons for a Start-Up Visa Program Denial

Failing to provide all required documents

It is important that entrepreneur applicants carefully follow the document checklist provided in the application packet to avoid any missing requirements. Many applications may be denied or delayed because of a failure to provide all necessary supporting documentation with the application. Besides, your immigration lawyer should analyze what other documents not mentioned in the government’s checklist may support your application, and consider including those documents, too.

Failing to provide accurate financial documents

Proof of finances must be provided to prove that applicants have the financial means necessary to maintain a business and the cost of living in Canada.

Failing to meet standards of international security

Police clearance forms must be obtained, and a background check must be conducted and passed for an applicant to be considered. Before granting you entry to Canada, you must prove that you will not be a security risk if admitted into Canada.

Failing to fulfill health requirements

You will need to prove that you are not a danger to public safety, a danger to public health, or an excessive demand on available social or health services. This will generally require having an immigration medical exam performed with results included with your application.

Failing to prove Canadian language competency

English or French competency is determined by the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB). Exam scores must be sufficient and submitted along with the application.

Failing to include a letter of support from a designated organization in Canada

This requirement must be met before an applicant begins completing the application process.

Misrepresenting Yourself

Finally, one of the most certain ways to cause your application to be denied is by misrepresenting yourself, altering documents, or otherwise.

How to Avoid Having Your Application Denied

Follow the Application Instructions

Applicants can avoid denials by following instructions carefully, using the required document checklist provided in the application packet, and ensuring that all application requirements are complete before submission.

Avoid Using Unregulated Immigration Consultants or Visa Agents

It is also important to avoid advisement by unregulated consultant firms offering free visa evaluations or guaranteed employment opportunities. Fraudulent activity by these organizations often results in application denial and theft of identity, banking, and credit card information.

Seek Professional Help

Seeking professional help when applying for a Canadian Start-Up Visa is essential to avoid any mistakes that may result in denial. The decisive factor in avoiding common mistakes and improving your chances to be approved for a Start-Up Visa may often be to hire an experienced business immigration lawyer, like the lawyers at Sobirovs Law Firm, to help you. Our team can help you avoid mistakes, ensure compliance with all requirements, help connect you with potential investors to support your business plan, and walk you through every step of the application process. Get started today by contacting our firm.