How to Buy Canadian Citizenship in 2023: a Complete Guide with Key Answers

How to Buy Canadian Citizenship in 2023: a Complete Guide with Key Answers

If you are considering whether you can buy Canadian citizenship, then this page is for you. Here we will explore the attractive yet incorrect concept of buying citizenship in Canada and provide you with practical and real alternatives. We will also explain exactly how you can gain Canadian citizenship through business immigration and whether you are the perfect candidate to do so.

Can You Really Buy Canadian Citizenship in 2023?

No, you cannot buy Canadian citizenship under any of the current immigration programs. However, you may be eligible for Canadian permanent residency under certain business immigration programs, which can then lead to gaining citizenship. Essentially, under these investment immigration programs you:

    1. Operate your business in Canada under a work permit.
    2. Gain permanent residency within 1 – 2 years of running your Canadian business.
    3. Become eligible for Canadian citizenship after being a permanent resident and residing in Canada for at least 3 years.

As you can see, Canada is not like the other countries where foreign residents can purchase citizenship, as is the case with Cyprus. The concept of buying citizenship, especially the Canadian one, is a common misconception and what many are referring to when talking about buying Canadian citizenship is – business immigration programs.

How to Buy Canadian Citizenship True vs False Table

You can always learn about your immigration options by using our free instant assessment form or booking a 1-hour consultation with our lawyers to find out exactly how you can obtain permanent residency and citizenship in Canada through business.

Alternatives to Buying Canadian Citizenship: Business Programs

As you now know that you cannot outright buy Canadian citizenship, you must be interested in what alternatives are out there. The closest you will come to buying Canadian citizenship is if you immigrate through one of the investment immigration programs. These programs provide reliable pathways for foreign entrepreneurs and their families to gain Canadian citizenship. The programs are:

  • Intra-Company Transfer – this program requires you to expand your existing foreign business to Canada.
  • C11 Entrepreneur Visa – this program requires you to invest in an existing Canadian business or start a new one.
  • Start-Up Visa – under this program, you are required to have an innovative start-up company that is backed up by investors.
  • Provincial Nominee Programs – this program requires you to commit to investing and operating a business in one of the Canadian provinces.
  • Quebec Citizenship Program – this program has been suspended from 1 November 2019 until 1 April 2023 due to a lack of enforcement. This program is unlikely to restart as the suspension has been expanded several times.

Minimum Requirements for Buying Canadian Citizenship

The requirements will largely depend on which investment immigration program you are choosing because, as you remember, you cannot buy Canadian citizenship. In general, you should aim to satisfy the following:

It would be best if you remembered that each program is developed to stimulate the growth of the Canadian economy. For this reason, your immigration application will vary drastically depending on your chosen investment program. For example, some programs may require you to clearly and in-depth outline the significant benefit your business will bring, while others will focus on your existing foreign operations.

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How Much Does It Cost to Buy Canadian Citizenship?

If you want to purchase Canadian citizenship, it will cost you between CAD $250,000 and $350,000. You must remember that you are not actually buying citizenship. Instead, you are investing in expanding your foreign business to Canada, purchasing a business in Canada or starting a new one. For this reason, you must consider additional costs you may incur when operating a business in Canada. At the end of the day, the success of your business immigration relies largely on the success of your business. Although operating your business on a work permit for a year will generally make you eligible for permanent residency, a failing business could put your P.R. at risk.

Is Immigrating to Canada through Business Ownership for You?

Business immigration is not for everyone, and contrary to popular belief, it is not only for people who are experienced in owning and running their own ventures. Whether you are an experienced business owner or a highly-skilled individual that has never owned a business, you could be eligible for immigration to Canada and gain citizenship through investment. Here are some examples of individuals that could be successful in business immigration:

  • Senior managers with proven business management and development skills that want to start a new business or a franchise in Canada;
  • Experienced entrepreneurs with an established foreign company that want to open a subsidiary in Canada;
  • High-net-worth individuals that want to invest in an existing Canadian business and immigrate to Canada;
  • Start-up founders with an established and innovative foreign company that want to continue scaling it up in Canada; or
  • A variety of other individuals – if you are unsure if you qualify, you can always use our instant assessment form or schedule a 1-hour meeting with our business immigration lawyers.

What is the Best Business Immigration Program?

The best way for you to gain citizenship through a business immigration program will depend on your situation and your business goals. There isn’t a one-fits-all program that is considered to be better than others. The best program will be the one that can be perfectly tailored toward your needs and the needs of your business.

Benefits of Canadian Citizenship

For some people becoming a Canadian is one of the most sought-after goals in their lives! It is quite understandable as there are endless benefits to living in Canada, raising your children here, and running your business in this beautiful country. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you’d want to become Canadian:

Family Goals – You may want to immigrate to Canada because you want to build a better life for yourself and your family. Access to free healthcare is particularly important for many as it contributes to social security. Not many countries have a widespread state-supported healthcare network. Suppose you want to go to university or want your children to study at a higher education institution. In that case, you are lucky because Canada has one of the world’s best universities and colleges. Free healthcare and excellent education are only a few reasons that may be on your family goals list. In reality, Canada has a very high standard of living that attracts many immigrants from around the world.

Business Freedom – Foreign entrepreneurs will find themselves in the perfect business climate when running their ventures in Canada. You see, there is plenty of support and few unnecessary roadblocks for your business. Grants and incentives given by the government and industry are out there to help your business prosper. Hiring the right employee or finding the right expert to help you grow your business is relatively easy due to a highly educated and experienced workforce. While you may already be setting your eyes on running a successful business in Canada, you must also remember that there are a few obstructions for you to do so! The government at all levels and the industry highly support new business owners and always attempt to reduce bureaucratic procedures.

Opportunities in New Markets – Growing your business has never been easier for Canadian business owners. When you immigrate to Canada as an entrepreneur, you and your company will benefit from numerous Free Trade Agreements to which Canada is a signatory. You see, these FTAs allow you to conduct business with clients from other countries efficiently. Your company will not be subject to import or export tariffs, benefit from simplified international investment and tax regulations, as well as other great advantages depending on the FTA. As a Canadian business owner, the proximity to the U.S. and CUSMA FTA, in particular, will allow you to gain access to the U.S. market, potential clients, technology, and funding and investment opportunities.

We invite you to consider booking a 1-hour consultation with our lawyers to find out exactly how you can obtain permanent residency and citizenship in Canada through business.