Get LMIA in 2023: Labour Market Impact Assessment [For Employers]

Get LMIA in 2023: Labour Market Impact Assessment [For Employers]

LMIA Processing Times in 2023

How Much Does LMIA Cost in 2023?

Approval Rate for LMIA in 2023

In our experience, the success rate of LMIA applications is between 60% and 85%. In our experience, applications that are well-prepared and carefully reviewed receive higher approval rates. The approval, however, will always depend on numerous factors like the ability of the employer to meet LMIA requirements as to the job advertisement, salary for the proposed position, as well as the general eligibility of the employer to hire international workers. Having an experienced corporate immigration lawyer advising you with the LMIA applications can generally increase your chances of approval.

LMIA Approval Rate in 2023 Infographic

LMIA Denial: 3 Top Reasons for LMIA Rejection

There are numerous reasons why LMIA applications are rejected. Below we have compiled a list of the top 3 reasons for denials:

  1. Lack of genuine need for a foreign worker. If you did not demonstrate evidence of the genuine need for a foreign worker to fill your open job, then you could be rejected. You have to make a significant effort to recruit and hire Canadians first before looking for options abroad.
  2. Non-compliance with Canadian labour laws and standards. If you are regularly found in breach of labour laws and regulations, your LMIA application could be rejected. A history of non-compliance can be demonstrated by failing to pay fair wages, providing a safe working environment, upholding the rights of employees etc.
  3. Misrepresentation of information. Any misrepresentation in your LMIA application can lead to rejection. Statements that mislead ESDC officers as to the true facts of the employer’s information can be false job descriptions, fake salaries, or false recruitment efforts. Anything that could undermine the integrity of the LMIA process is likely to lead to rejection.

To get an LMIA work permit, your Canadian employer must first apply for the LMIA with the ESDC. If the application is approved, then the foreign worker can initiate the application process for a work permit. It is essential for the foreign worker to meet all of the requirements for a work permit in order to work in Canada. LMIA approval is not enough to bring a foreign worker to Canada.