A Punjabi Business Owner’s Triumphant Journey to Canada

A Punjabi Business Owner’s Triumphant Journey to Canada

Are you a visionary business owner from India looking to expand your operations overseas? Then, learn how one of your compatriots is expanding his operations to Canada with a successful 2-year Intra-Company Transfer work permit. Read on to discover the story of our exceptional Punjabi business client and how he took a calculated risk to achieve his dream of growing his business in Canada.

Taking a Calculated Risk for Success

Immigration is a journey that requires careful consideration, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from the opportunities it presents. Our business client from India understood this, conducting extensive research and calculating all the potential risks before embarking on the Intra-Company Transfer application.

Building a Strong Partnership

The relationship between a business owner and an immigration lawyer is critical to the success of an immigration application. In September 2020, the client connected with our team of experts, including Managing Lawyer Rakhmad Sobirov and lawyer-on-the-case Feruza Djamalova, with a simple yet straightforward statement: “Looking for an expert Business immigration lawyer.” We were determined to provide him with the guidance and support he needed as much as possible.

Navigating the Pandemic

Our client’s interaction with Sobirovs began during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, but he was undeterred. As an established manufacturer of essential medical supplies, including sterile liquids and pre-filled syringes, his drive to expand his business was only strengthened. Our lawyers were impressed by the client’s insightful questions and were eager to provide thorough answers. By November 2021, a formal retainer agreement was signed, solidifying our commitment to helping the client achieve his expansion goals.

A Clear Path to Success

Our client’s approach to immigration was measured and strategic, and our team worked closely with him to prepare a strong application.

Here are the steps that we took to ensure the success of this client from India:

Step 1: Incorporation of a new Canadian business and Business Plan preparation. After compiling all the necessary documents from the client and clearly understanding what will be required for his successful application, we incorporated a new Canadian company for the client in April 2022. The Sobirovs team prepared several iterations of a business plan in close cooperation with the client, and it was finalized in the same month. Solid market research, competitor research and data-supported financial commitments, the client’s employment terms, and revenue projections. The client had committed to invest $200,000 in the first year of Canadian business operations.

Step 2: Submitting the client’s application and its submission. The client had a valid visa to travel to Canada, and the processing times at the Canadian embassy in India were unbelievably long. Therefore, the client travelled to Canada, and when the client’s application package was ready for submission in May 2022, we submitted it via the Representative Portal from inside Canada.

Step 3: Positive Decision. The Canadian authorities took around 7 months to issue a favourable decision on the client’s application covering the client, his spouse and his child in December 2022.

We are happy that we managed to complete this work permit application smoothly and successfully.

Choosing the Right Immigration Partner

As a long-term project, choosing the right immigration partner is crucial to your success in expanding your business to Canada. Take the time to research experienced immigration lawyers and ask questions before making your decision. With a patient and informed approach, you can achieve the same success as our Punjabi business client.

Celebrate the success of a fellow Indian business owner and contact us to learn how to take the calculated risk necessary to expand your business operations to Canada. Schedule a consultation and ask all the questions you need to make an informed decision and increase your chances of success.