Bangladesh to Canada: Immigration As a Path For Growth

Business Immigration from Bangladesh to Canada

A Sobirovs Law Firm Success Story

We are glad that 2021 has started as a positive new beginning for many clients of Sobirovs. One of such clients is a Bangladeshi business owner who sees great opportunities in doing business in Canada. He is determined to bring the best of Bangladesh to Canada and developing his businesses in these countries.

Last week we’ve received great news on his Intra-Company Transfer Work Permit Application.

Here are some facts about this inspiring success story:

  1. In 2020, a lawyer colleague in Canada referred to our law firm her 44-years-old relative who was doing successful manufacturing and import-export business in Bangladesh. We’ve done a preliminary assessment of his case and thought that there was a good chance for his business immigration to Canada. In our assessment, we’ve looked at the candidate’s background, travel history, business history and revenues, the overall objective in doing business in Canada and his ultimate goal of coming to Canada with his family.
  2. Unfortunately, in mid-2020 the COVID-19 pandemic hit Bangladesh very hard and it affected all processes both in Bangladesh and Canada. This, in turn, made us a bit anxious.
  3. However, we managed to prepare and compile all the necessary documents and submit a strong application in August 2020. We’ve requested a 2-year work permit for him and his spouse, and a visitor visa for his child.
  4. In November 2020, the client and his family members undergone their medical examination as requested by the High Commission of Canada.
  5. On January 11, 2021, we’ve received a passport request from the High Commission stating that the application was approved covering the whole family.
  6. We are now waiting for the applicable visas to be affixed to the passports and then will start working with the client about his pre-arrival preparation.
  7. Update on February 19, 2021: The client, his spouse and child have obtained their visas and are ready to travel to Canada soon (see below).

What lessons we have learned from this Intra-Company Transfer work permit application?

  1. Anxiety about external factors that we don’t control (e.g. COVID-19, lockdowns and office closures) does not help in furthering the client’s best interests;
  2. Canadian immigration authorities are doing their best to move an immigration application forward using the means they have and guided by the restrictions imposed during COVID-19;
  3. Although some temporary immigration programs are paused due to COVID-19, business immigration applications are being processed at a regular speed;
  4. As trusted legal advisors of our clients, Sobirovs’ lawyers have to encourage business immigration clients not to delay their immigration applications at least for the following reasons:
  • Canada is now focusing on overcoming the COVID-19 challenge as it ramps up vaccinations similar to other countries around the world;
  • The role of business owners, entrepreneurs and investors will be paramount in rebuilding the Canadian economy better after COVID-19;
  • Knowing how Canadian immigration authorities process immigration files, business immigration applications will be processed systematically and faster than other types of applications.

What Sobirovs team can do for your successful business immigration to Canada?

  1. We can assess and offer our holistic view of your business immigration options during a 1-hour Strategy Meeting with a senior immigration lawyer.
  2. If we believe that you have a good chance in one or more business immigration programs, we can bring you, your family and your business to Canada as we did the same for many clients before;
  3. Our professional and experienced legal team can take care of all governmental documents, processes and steps involved in building a solid strategy, strong application package and any dealings with the Canadian embassies or consulates.

Intra-Company Transfer Visas by Sobirovs Law Firm

Canadian Intra-Company Transfer Spousal Visa by Sobirovs Law Firm

Canadian multi entry visa for the client's child by Sobirovs Law Firm

Bringing You, Your Tech Talent & Your Business To Canada

Get started and make your first step towards Canada. Book your 1-hour strategy meeting with a licensed Canadian immigration lawyer.

Immigration to Canada can be very complicated for businesses, business owners, and foreign employees. Hiring business immigration lawyers with the skill, experience, and patience is often crucial to successfully navigating this complex process. The experienced professionals at Sobirovs Law Firm offer tailored legal services in all business and corporate immigration matters. Contact us for more information on how we can help you meet your immigration needs.

We have worked with & represented clients from all walks of life. Always just one call – or click – away, weʼre happy to help you begin your & your familyʼs journey to Canada.

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Our Clients Say…

Lucia Lu
Lucia Lu
I cannot say enough good things about Sobirovs Law Firm’s exceptional team. My work permit application was quite complex and underwent numerous tests, including a rejection from the first attempt. Feruza developed a tailored strategy that contributed to the best chance of success in the resubmission, and her entire team presented my case with unparalleled expertise and genuine care. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Maggie, a phenomenal consultant who supported me in every step of the application, took the time to understand my unique situation and answered all my questions patiently. Her in-depth knowledge of the work permit program, proficiency in preparing my application and professional communication were reassuring and truly remarkable. Thanks to your team’s extraordinary work, I can now pursue my business goals in Canada with peace of mind. I am grateful for your hard work and the compassionate support you provided throughout this journey. You have my highest recommendation without any reservations.
Nomin Dunburee
Nomin Dunburee
I had the pleasure of collaborating with the highly skilled professionals at Sobirovs to achieve my goals. Feruza's extensive expertise was invaluable, as she guided me through the most suitable pathway for my business immigration. I am profoundly grateful for choosing Sobirovs and highly recommend their exceptional services!
Bimal Banik
Bimal Banik
I really appreciate Sovirovs professional services ,I am truly happy and satisfied with their team work .I wish them all the best
Amirov Temur
Amirov Temur
I am happy with the help I got from Sobirov Law Firm. They were always there for me : answering my questions and giving me support through the visa application process and with general immigration related questions. They made everything easier and were quick to respond whenever I needed them. I would recommend Sobirov Law Firm to anyone needing visa assistance for Canada. I trusted them, and did not regret! Thanks for all your help! I hope for further cooperation with you.
Yuri l
Yuri l
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Ms. Feruza Djamalova, Ms. Judy Le and the entire team of Sobirovs Law Firm for their highly professional and excellent work in the complicated process of obtaining approval of our application for the business immigration program. I had several previous refusals over the course of 5 years. At that point, I contacted Sobirovs Law Firm. Their knowledge, competence, and perseverance turned my application into a success! My case was dealt by Feruza and Judy and I sincerely appreciate what an incredible job they have done and how much they have helped us. I believe they have a special gift and talent for assisting their clients. I want to particularly thank Judy for her patience and attention to detail in our case and also for thanks to her diligence, skill and attention to detail. I highly recommend Sobirovs Law Firm to anyone who wants to move to Canada using Business Immigration Programs and is looking for an immigration law firm capable of making a dream come true. They are highly professional and specialized in this field. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for their support.
Syed Namdaar Ali
Syed Namdaar Ali
My experience with Sobirov's was very rewarding. Starting from LMIA to Work permit it was a smooth sail. The entire team especially Yulia prepared my case painstakingly. They guided me on every little detail. Special thanks to Feroza, Farukh, Madina and the entire team for making this happen.
Bhrushank Ved
Bhrushank Ved
I had an amazing experience with the Sobirovs in applying for my C11 Work Permit. Feruza, Maggie, Judy and Yulia planned every step of the way and made the process a breeze. Benjamin was also quite knowledgeable and assisted me with the business plan for my application. I recommend Sobirovs team if you plan to expand your existing business or start a new business in Canada. Highly recommended!
Senol Ercetin
Senol Ercetin
Dear Sobirovs Team, I would like to thank you (Yulia, Faruk, Feruza, Madina) for taking care of us closely in obtaining the necessary work permits for the establishment of the Canadian branch of our company and the necessary visas for our family. You have carried out a flawless process. With sincere regards
Rakesh Shrivastava
Rakesh Shrivastava
I had a great experience working with the Sobirov Law Firm. The entire team was professional, prompt, and meticulous in their approach. We started working with them on LMIA under GTS of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. The time it took from creation of an Incorporation to submission and approval of our application was around 8 weeks. Work Permit approval took another 2 weeks. They also helped us get shared office space since it was a new experience for us. They guided us in finding a payroll service provider and a realtor to help with the relocation of the foreign employee. My sincere thanks to Feruza Djamalova and Rakhmad Sobirov (Attorneys), and Yulia Kan (Team Lead).


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