How does Immigration Canada know if your business in Canada is genuine?

Canada has a number of immigration pathways that are designed to attract wealthy business immigrants. One of such pathways is the Owner-Operator program that allows foreign investors to buy a business in Canada and receive permanent residence status as an owner of a business in Canada. The process is fairly straightforward, your own company can offer you a job in Canada, which is worth 200 CRS points under the Express Entry program.

Wait, but is it a genuine job offer, you wonder. Well, the law allows business owners to make job offers to themselves for immigration purposes, as long as the job offer is genuine.

That why it is important for any business person wishing to buy a business in Canada for immigration purposes to know how Canadian immigration authorities will assess the “genuineness” of the job offer.

In order to pass the “genuineness” test, you, as a foreign business person must demonstrate your newly acquired company in Canada is:

  • directly owned & controlled by you (at least 51% ownership);
  • actively engaged in business in Canada (e.g. currently selling goods or services & has customers);
  • has sufficient revenue (or cash) to pay your wages & business operations in Canada;
  • has at least 1 Canadian employee;
  • has a physical office (home offices and virtual offices do not qualify);

In addition, you must show that your presence in Canada is essential for your newly acquired Canadian company. You must also show that you have sufficient knowledge and qualifications to manage your company in Canada.

Given the strict “genuineness” test, we came up with the top 3 tips on how to identify a suitable business for your immigration application.

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