Judy Le

Immigration Case Supervisor

Judy Le

Immigration Case Supervisor

Judy is a licensed paralegal, a member of the Law Society of Ontario, with a primary focus on Canadian immigration law. She started at Sobirovs as an Immigration Case Supervisor in early 2020.

In the last five years, she has assisted lawyers in bringing many Vietnamese families to Canada under various Entrepreneur programs of Canadian provinces and the federal government.

Judy was born with another name – Minh Thư in Bình Chánh, Việt Nam. In 2012, her aunt, a successful businesswoman, immigrated to Canada under a provincial entrepreneur program. Seeing her children receive the best education and living environment in Canada, the aunt persuaded Judy’s family to allow Judy to explore the world. They would not have imagined Judy deciding to reside in Canada permanently upon her graduation. The country has shown her the greatest prosperity to achieve her full potential and secure her bright future.

With her tight connection with the Vietnamese community, Judy realized many Vietnamese entrepreneurs had the same goals as she had – build a better, brighter future in Canada. That’s when she started her career in business immigration law and gained her knowledge of the Vietnamese business culture.

As a detailed oriented person, Judy brings all her effort and attention to every piece of information she receives and processes it with her utmost attention. She believes a small hole could sink the boat and pays much attention to details.

Judy considers Buddism as a way of life that teaches her to improve herself and help people in need. She is a volunteer at Better Future for Kids – a Canadian organization, focusing on raising awareness in human trafficking, child abuse and helping children in poverty in Vietnam.

She always enjoys her business trips to Vietnam and plans to visit the country every year. She loves to show her son his Motherland, spend time and watching the games of the national soccer team of Vietnam with her parents.

  • Paralegal Education graduated in 2015 with honours

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