Travelling to Canada on Business

Travelling to Canada on Business

It is every business travellerʼs worst nightmare. Denied entry at a border. Do you only need your passport to enter Canada or also a visa — or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)? Are you certain whether the travel requirements the same for both?

Sobirovs Law Firm can offer you peace of mind knowing that despite changing visa requirements, you can travel confidently — and in compliance.

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Business Travel Management

Recognizing the critical nature of business travel and its unique risks, Sobirovs Law Firm has the expertise and case experience to manage a wide, complex range of business visa and travel needs. Our guidance and immigration support to companies and their employees take a proactive approach, resolving common, possible visa rejection reasons long before the day of departure. For example:

  • Ensuring all your supporting documents are accurate and correct, the first time;
  • Being honest about whether you need a business visitor visa or work permit, and strategic planning;
  • Preparing your application support letters in advance;
  • Advising on process requirements and related timeframes;
  • Ensuring you understand the requisite health standards for legal entry to Canada, and accurately prove that you meet those standards.

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Our dedicated lawyers and immigration specialists will walk you through the document procurement process, handling the submission of applications and the detailed submission guidelines even if you need to file in-person. We also do the legwork to get your documents authenticated, so you can focus on planning your trip. And our Business Visa Services donʼt end at submission. We will:

  • Follow-up with the appropriate government agency and passport collection.
    • We can coach you on how to give persuasive visa application interviews, and what to do if your passport is returned without your visa.
  • Guide you on anticipated processing times where available.
    • The better prepared your documents are, the faster theyʼll be approved. In some instances, depending on your home country, we offer guidance if your application processing takes longer.
  • Provide emergency assistance for urgent applications (or extensions)
    • We offer legal assistance in case of death or serious illness, or if you need to stay longer in Canada to avoid losing your job or an employment opportunity.

Whether you travel alone or as part of a team, Sobirovs Law Firm can manage each touchpoint of a business visa application — from document collection and authentication to submission, and follow-up assistance.