A Specialized Knowledge Work Permit under Global Skills Strategy for an Experienced Professional

A Specialized Knowledge Work Permit under Global Skills Strategy for an Experienced Professional

Our client, a highly skilled professional in the area of clinical thermology employed by a large international enterprise in the US, contacted us to assist him and his employer to secure a Canadian work permit. The work permit was necessary for the worker to take part in an important project involving thermographic diagnostic imaging interpretation in Ontario.

The facts of the case were:

  • The parent company is based in the US with offices in various countries;
  • The professional was employed on a contract basis by the US company, and based in Turkey where he held a position directly related to the one offered in Canada;
  • The professional had extensive education in the medical field and specialized focus in clinical thermology;
  • He had over 16 years of practical experience in the field and had been working for the US company since 2018;
  • The offer of employment was from a Canadian subsidiary company and it met the IRCC requirements. However, the Canadian subsidiary was not established, had no office, and our client would be their first employee;
  • The chosen immigration route had to complement the company’s business objectives and timeframes; and
  • As per the employee’s request, he wanted his family to accompany him during his employment in Canada.

Our business immigration lawyers carefully analyzed available pathways and proposed the C-12 Specialized Knowledge Intra-Company Transfer Work Permit in addition to a C-10 Significant Benefit Work Permit. 

Facts of the Case

  • We incorporated the Canadian subsidiary and shortly after submitted the corporate immigration package on 7 July 2021 to the relevant visa office.
  • Due to Covid-related delays, the IRCC took a lot longer than usual to process our client’s application. However, we regularly submitted requests for information and updates regarding the application. We continuously updated our client as to the status of the application.
  • After not seeing any progress in the processing from IRCC, on 10 November 2021, we submitted a new application under the Global Skills Strategy program for the same Work Permit. This was done in order to benefit from the program’s expedited process.
  • The application under the Global Skills Strategy program was approved on 4 March 2022. The skilled professional received his work permit, his spouse obtained an open work permit, and their two children received study permits.

What We Learned from the Case

This case was particularly interesting because Specialized Knowledge work permits are reserved for established, mature companies with existing operations, offices and employees. In this case, the Canadian subsidiary was a start-up that was building its plans around our client, their specialized knowledge worker. Although this unique situation was uncommon, it did not deter our team – we successfully explained the compelling strategy behind this unique expansion and prepared and submitted a thoroughly prepared application.

On our second application, through the Global Skills Strategy program, we reiterated that our client needed to be in Canada to develop the company and serve the company’s existing North American clientele. We stressed that our client would be a significant asset not just to his employer’s expansion plans, but to Canada as well, as he brought with him unique expertise and set of skills in an area that was still in the early stages of development in Canada, and we were successful!

This case confirmed the importance of being adaptable and adjusting our immigration strategy as needed to better meet the clients’ needs and priorities. This very unique case serves as a perfect example of our exceptional client care and adaptability. We quickly realized that for us to satisfy the client’s needs we must find a way to expedite the process. For us, immigration support doesn’t stop after we submit an application. We continuously check and analyze the progress of each application, adapt and make changes accordingly. 

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