Canadian Construction Company Hires Foreign Workers with Sobirovs

Canadian Construction Company Hires Foreign Workers with Sobirovs

An Ontario-based construction company contacted us to inquire whether they could employ foreign workers. The facts of the case were:

  • The company specializes in manufacturing, designing, and installing windows and railing systems for high-rise condominiums; 
  • The company employs over 400 employees, completed over 60 projects since its conception in 2002;
  • Currently, the company has 25 projects underway for which it needs additional employees; 
  • It has struggled to fulfill necessary positions since October 2021; and
  • The company required 3 new employees to reach the business goals.

Our business immigration lawyers analyzed the business needs of the corporation and proposed to apply for a low-wage LMIA process.

The Timeline of the Case

On 19 January 2022, on behalf of the company, we submitted a low-wage LMIA application to hire 3 foreign general labourers. The LMIA application was approved on 3 March 2022.

The client also retained our firm to assist with securing work permits for the foreign workers that they intend to employ. Their immigration applications are currently pending approval.

Lessons & Conclusions from this Case

The labour market has changed dramatically in the last few years. Companies in various industries are faced with prolonged difficulties in sourcing and retaining qualified and suitable staff. The labour shortage has had an impact on high-wage positions like tech personnel, and on low-wage positions like the general labourers in this case. 

Many companies find themselves in these positions today, and some are opting to hire foreign talent instead. There are various reasons why you might consider hiring from abroad, such as:

  • Availability of qualified candidates;
  • Possibility to hire qualified workers on competitive wages; and
  • Increased employee retention.

If you were to widen your talent acquisition network from Canada to the entire world, you will find numerous qualified candidates that would be perfect for the job. Also, when you hire foreign workers they can usually bring their families to Canada. Having their family here, in addition to a new job in Canada, and probably a higher salary than they would receive in their home country results in satisfied and motivated workers. It has been found that happy workers are more retainable and tend to stay longer with their employers.

Why You Should Choose Sobirovs for Your Foreign Worker Needs

Our immigration lawyers have extensive experience with every type of business, corporate, and foreign worker immigration. For many Canadian businesses, it is not typical to hire from abroad because historically we have had plenty of qualified domestic candidates. However, during these changing times in the labour market, many businesses must adapt in order to fulfill their business needs. At Sobirovs, we create tailored immigration solutions to help you hire foreign workers in time for your projects!

If you take these 3 steps you will learn more on how we could help your company with its talent shortage:

  • Step 1: Check your eligibility for business immigration programs using our Free Instant Assessment tool.
  • Step 2: Check our fees using our Fee Calculator. Don’t worry if the fees estimated by the Fee Calculator seem too high. We can give you a discount if your case is strong and if you hire us for multiple immigration projects.
  • Step 3: Book a 1-hour Strategy Meetingwith our senior business immigration lawyer to discuss your immigration strategy.