Indian Senior Manager Approved to Set-up His Company’s Sales & Marketing Office in Toronto

Indian Senior Manager Approved to Set-up His Company’s Sales & Marketing Office in Toronto

Our client, a national of India, approached us in March of 2022 with a request to assist him in getting an ICT work permit so he could relocate his company’s marketing and sales arm to Canada. At that time, he was employed as a Head of the Business Development unit in a rubber manufacturing company in India while also exercising control (through ownership of 50% of shares) over that company. His company had customers in the USA and Europe, and he wanted to move the company’s Sales & Marketing unit to Canada to better promote his company’s products in the North American market. He was also interested in applying for permanent residence in Canada in due course.

Immigration Strategy

To accomplish the client’s objectives of relocating his company’s Marketing & Sales unit to Canada and plan for permanent residence application for our client as an ICT work permit holder, we have developed the following immigration plan:

  • Step 1: Set up the client’s company in Ontario, Canada.
  • Step 2: Apply for ICT Work Permit as a senior manager/executive in Canada.
  • Step 3: Assist the client with his business plan execution and strategic growth in Canada.
  • Step 4: Apply for permanent residence in Canada using the Federal Skilled Worker program under the Express Entry stream with a job offer in Canada (200 points).
  • Step 5: Transition to Permanent Residence.

Business Strategy

As for the business activities, the client intended to engage in marketing and sales activities in Canada to target potential customers from North America for the company’s products. The company was in the business of selling high-quality precision rubber parts for varieties of applications ranging from electronic appliances to automotive & heavy equipment for Original Equipment Manufacturers. Our team developed a business plan to reflect the client’s business vision and suggested multiple strategies on how to attract customers in Canada and USA to buy the company’s products. The business strategy was well-aligned with the client’s immigration strategy.

Challenges We Faced

We faced several challenges while executing our business and immigration strategy:

  • First, the COVID-19 pandemic negatively affected the company’s financial performance and gross revenues.
  • The company lost its major US customer during the pandemic, and sales to North American customers were not significant.
  • The company did not intend to do business in Canada, per se, but rather engage in marketing and sales activities.

We explained each of these issues to immigration authorities and provided ample documentary evidence to overcome the impact of negative financial performance on the company. In addition, we presented the client’s business case for Canadian operations and emphasized the benefits to Canada stemming from our client’s activities.


In September 2022, our client’s application to come to Canada as a Senior Manager/Executive under the ICT program was approved. His spouse received an Open Work Permit, and his 3 children were issued permits to attend public schools in Canada for free.

Timeline of the Case

  • March 23, 2022: We were retained by the client to assist him with his ICT application.
  • May 30, 2019: ICT application was filed.
  • September 6, 2022: ICT was approved.

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