Sobirovs Helps Iranian Entrepreneurs Secure Canadian Work Permits

Sobirovs Helps Iranian Entrepreneurs Secure Canadian Work Permits

Client One, Client Two, and Client Three from Iran have recently obtained work permits through Canada’s Startup Visa program with the help of Sobirovs Law Firm, a leading business immigration law firm in Canada. The clients initially came to Sobirovs Law Firm with a Letter of Support from a Canadian-designated organization. However, the letter did not provide a comprehensive review of their information and even used an outdated form. The reasons why the clients were essential to the Canadian company were not clearly explained.

Strategic Advice and Readjustment of Clients’ Applications

Feruza Djamalova, a senior business immigration lawyer from Sobirovs Law Firm, took charge of the situation by reorganizing the clients’ pitch deck based on their individual backgrounds, determining their positions within the Canadian company, and presenting a convincing argument to the visa officer that all three clients were crucial to the success of the startup company. 

This effort led to the approval of work permits for 2 founders, while the third work permit is still pending. Sobirovs Law Firm then requested that the designated organization update its Due Diligence package and Letter of Support to ensure that it properly reflected the clients’ contributions.

Timeline of 3 Work Permit Applications

Client One’s work permit application was submitted on January 05, 2023. It was approved on February 23, 2023, although work permit processing times for applicants from Iran can take up to 40 weeks as of the time of writing this story.

Client One is a self-employed individual who could not prove that he had paid personal income tax or had employees in his home country. Although he had completed many projects, some of the documents he provided seemed irrelevant to the skills required by the Canadian company. However, with Sobirovs Law Firm’s guidance, they were able to highlight his relevant skills and experience and demonstrate his ability to perform the position in the Canadian company. Client Two’s work permit application was submitted on January 06, 2023, and was approved on February 27, 2023. This client’s application also included his wife and daughter, and all three were approved.

Client Two is the creator of the platform, which competes with Amazon. However, he had authorized another company in Iran to have sole authority to test the platform within the country. Sobirovs Law Firm worked to explain the relationship between Client Two and the Iranian and Canadian companies to ensure a successful application.

Client Three’s work permit application is still pending. We hope it will be approved, too, and that this client will join the other two partners in Canada.

How Can Sobirovs Help You Succeed in Startup Visa

Canada’s Start-Up Visa (SUV) program is an excellent opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs to obtain permanent residence in Canada through business immigration. Owners of innovative start-ups or established foreign companies may use this program to relocate to Canada along with other founding partners permanently, provided they meet the program’s requirements.

The requirements for the SUV program include obtaining a Letter of Support or investment commitment from one of the Designated Organizations in Canada, owning at least 10% of the shares in the startup, meeting the minimum English or French language skill at CLB level 5, and having sufficient funds to settle in Canada. One feature of the SUV program that stands out is the ability to apply for a work permit while your permanent residence application is being processed. Using this feature, the three Iranian startup partners plan to commence working on their innovative project in Canada as soon as possible.


Sobirovs Law Firm is dedicated to helping clients navigate the complexities of Canada’s business immigration system, including the Start-Up Visa program. With their expertise and guidance, clients like these Iranian entrepreneurs can successfully obtain work permits and achieve their business goals in Canada. If you’re a foreign entrepreneur interested in the Start-Up Visa program, it’s crucial to work with an experienced business immigration law firm like Sobirovs Law Firm.

Our team of legal experts can help you navigate the complex process, identify any potential issues, and provide clear and convincing explanations to the immigration officers, giving you the best chance of success. With the right support and guidance, you too can achieve your dreams of starting a successful business in Canada and obtaining permanent residence through the Start-Up Visa program. Contact Sobirovs Law Firm today to schedule a consultation and learn how they can help you achieve your goals.