Why Our Clients Want To Be Associated With Canada?

Why Our Clients Want To Be Associated With Canada?

February 02, 2021

Our team has recently achieved an excellent result for one of our clients and his family. I have written about this outstanding team effort in my LinkedIn post.

But, in this piece, I want to focus on a possible upgrade to any business owner’s global mobility. I want to focus on what benefits you could gain by becoming a Canadian business, a holder of a Canadian work permit, a permanent resident and, ultimately, a Canadian citizen – a desirable journey that many people around the world would love to take!

First, here is a quick background of this successful application:

We’ve come to know the client and his family back in 2019, and we kept the client’s best interests in mind when devising the right immigration strategy and timing his application right to get the best result possible. The client had clearly instructed us that he wants to move to Canada with all of his dependent family members because he has a large family. In building his immigration strategy, our team has looked at his case through various angles and analyzed the pros and cons of each immigration pathway. Agreeing on the right strategy took longer than we expected but we thank our client and his family for their patience and dedication.

The basic facts:

  • the client is a businessman in his 50s and born in Afghanistan, but worked in Iran and ultimately became a citizen of Turkey together with his family members;
  • he has a high school diploma but very rich experience in commerce and international trade;
  • we chose the C11 – Significant Benefit application as the most suitable pathway for him taking into account all of his priorities and concerns;
  • he did not buy any business in Canada, but we’ve helped him to prepare a stellar business plan and the client demonstrated the required skills as well as financial capital to realize his business plan;
  • the client is planning to open a production facility in Canada and sell his goods within Canada and export them to international markets including Central Asia, Australasia, the UAE, Turkey, and etc.
  • after preparing a thorough application package, we submitted his package on January 22, 2021;
  • the client and his family have provided the biometrics on January 27, 2021
  • we have received a passports’ request from the Embassy received on January 28, 2021, stating that the application has been approved.
  • it’s a positive result for the client in just 6 days! No doubt, the meticulous preparation took much much longer!
  • the Sobirovs team has celebrated the success of this the 6-day-success in a Zoom call on February 1, 2021. Indeed, we are truly happy that we could achieve this for this client as we are proud that we could open Canada’s doors for a very determined business owner!

What would a status in Canada – a work permit, permanent residence or citizenship – give you, your family and your business?

Now, let’s briefly list what our business immigration clients are really trying to achieve by making their way to Canada. I will list only 5 benefits and you can add more based on your priorities. These benefits don’t necessarily exclude each other and they change depending on the individual. There is no strict hierarchy in this list below.

  • Stability & Peace of Mind: I have spoken to hundreds if not thousands of very successful business people who have a very good status and high living standard in their home countries. Let me be clear – they are not coming to Canada for higher living standards. However, due to many reasons, they want to provide stability and peace of mind for their family.
  • Social Tolerance & Acceptance: Most if not all of the business people I deal with in my legal practice are mavericks in their societies. They think differently, act differently, are motivated and pursue those goals that are different than the ones other people around them pursue. That’s why they feel like outliers in a positive way and not fully fitting into their surroundings. They want to achieve more, do more great things and change more aspects of life around them. Most of them see Canada as a canvass for their genius and unfettered creativity.
  • Access & Success on a Global Level: Our clients want to access things on a global level. They’ve seen how business is done in their home countries and they’ve mastered it there. Now, they want to achieve success on a different level. In a way, they want to leave their comfort zone, grow exponentially and face the challenges of building something great in a different country. In that sense, I view our clients as some of the few courageous people I have seen in my life. They are not afraid to “hold the bull by its horns.”
  • Becoming a part of Team Canada: Our clients want to be viewed as Canadian business owners, as Canadian businesses and be associated with everything Canadian. This association gives them an edge over their competitors and inspires them to set bigger goals. With a maple leaf flag waving in the background, they achieve more desirable results and raise the bar on many levels. In turn, Canada opens new opportunities in different consumer markets using its free trade agreements with many countries and providing export credit support to Canadian businesses.
  • Being a Global Citizen: Realizing that doing business in Canada could potentially lead them to permanent residence and Canadian citizenship, our clients have a clear vision of their future and what they should strive for. We help them to build a clear pathway to citizenship and following our guidance allows them to become a global citizen. With Canadian passports, our clients feel more attached to Canada, contribute more to its economy, have less hassle in travelling to most countries without a visa, and even strengthen their businesses in their home countries.

What benefits do you want to achieve by coming to Canada?

I’m sure we have many great things to talk about your future in Canada.