World-Leading Entrepreneur Launches a Start-up in Canada

World-Leading Entrepreneur Launches a Start-up in Canada

A prominent serial entrepreneur contacted us to inquire about possible business immigration options to Canada. The client had a budget of CAD $500,000 to achieve his business goals. We were glad to assist another successful individual to bring their expertise and start a new business in Canada. Below is the summary of the facts of this case:

  • The client comes from an extensive entrepreneurial background, having started ventures in several countries and across different industries;
  • The main goal of our client was to start a new app publishing and development company in Canada;
  • The Canadian company has received considerable funding from a leading start-up incubator and several investment firms;
  • The expertise of our client ranges from product and brand development to marketing to innovation of processes and design and much more;
  • He has won awards for several of his projects, has been recognized by several organizations as a leader in the industry, and had been invited to lecture at a university;
  • Additionally, he has been the best-selling and highest-rated instructor at a world-leading online course platform; and
  • The client was born in Slovakia and has Portuguese citizenship. His partner has French citizenship. The client wanted his partner to accompany him during his business venture in Canada.

After considering the requirements of the client, his goals, and his background, our business immigration lawyers proposed the C11 Entrepreneur Work Permit as the most suitable solution. 

Timeline of the Case

We began by incorporating our client’s business in Canada on 26 April 2021, which is an essential process for business immigration. 

Our business immigration lawyers prepared and submitted the C11 Work Permit application on 31 July 2021. The application was approved on 14 February 2022

Due to Covid-19 related delays, it took IRCC significantly longer to review our client’s application. However, we stayed in constant contact with the officials by regularly requesting updates on the application and making sure that it was progressing. These are unprecedented times and we very much appreciated our client’s patience and determination during this process.

The client received a work permit, and his partner received an open work permit.

Insights About the Case

At Sobirovs Law Firm we take pride in developing and supporting the Canadian economy by assisting in bringing world-class businesses and individuals to Canada! This case is particularly interesting as the client is a true leader in multiple industries and has unique expertise which would allow him and his Canadian company not only to innovate but also help to develop the industry in Canada.

The company plans on employing 5 people in their first year of operations, which will grow to 53 people by their fifth year! Our client’s company will create jobs, attract clients from all over the world to transact with a Canadian company, and most importantly bring new ideas, expertise, and know-how to Canada.

Why You Should Choose Sobirovs as Advisors for Your Business Immigration to Canada

Our main approach in clients’ work is to add as much certainty as possible during these uncertain times. We work with a wide range of entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, and established companies who are interested in Canada as their next business destination. We have a significant track record of successful cases from all over the world. Our experts will help you to succeed in your business immigration aspiration to Canada whether you are planning to launch a start-up, expand your existing company to Canada, or hire foreign workers for your Canadian company.

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