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In recent years, Canada has become a new home to more than 400,000 newcomers annually, all immigrating through different immigration programs. On this page, you will learn about Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), which are often used for personal immigration and business immigration.

Does securing a Canadian permanent residency sound appealing to you? Do you envisage turning over the page and moving to Canada to start the next chapter of your life? If yes, then this page is for you!

What is PNP Canada?

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP Canada) is an immigration system and a way to respond to Canada’s need for new and urgent immigration. Essentially, as the name suggests, PNP Canada is designed to give the provincial/territorial governments the discretion to invite immigrants depending on labour needs through local discretionary nominations. Under Canada’s PNP programs, applicants obtain permanent residency as a final outcome of their efforts.

There are 80 immigration PNP streams in Canada which seek to provide individuals with Canadian permanent residency. Some territories, such as Quebec and Nuvanut, have their systems – for instance, Quebec has opted to determine its economic immigration selection process.

To put this into context, Canada comprises 10 provinces and 3 territories governed under the Canadian Constitution. Although the federal government is responsible for national immigration laws and regulations, provinces also enjoy some freedom regarding immigration through the Provincial Nominee Programs. It is referred to as concurrent jurisdiction over immigration matters.

PNP Canada How to Apply Chart

PNP Canada Requirements: Who Is Eligible for PNP Canada?

The PNP Canada requirements in 2024 can be divided into:

PNP Business Immigration Canada

Entrepreneurs can enjoy owning and growing a business in Canada through the Business Immigration PNPs. Typically, entrepreneurs need a financial business plan to develop their business and declare their net worth and the capital they are willing to put into the provincial economy. Usually, a net worth of CAD $250,000 will add points to the entrepreneur’s PNP, depending on the province they seek to relocate to. Most times, relevant work experience in managing a business from the same category plays a beneficial role in your application.

Although PNP programs are one of Canada’s most searched-for immigration pathways, they might not be the fastest or the best for you. We strongly suggest you consider the Intra-Company Transfer program, Entrepreneur Work Permit program, Canada’s Start-up visa program, or LMIA work permits when searching for a suitable immigration program.

Entrepreneurs will typically need to hold at least 33.33% shares in a business, and their investment in a province or territory will be set at a certain minimum from as low as CAD $125,000 to as much as CAD $3,000,000. Investment amounts may differ within provinces. For instance, the Vancouver and Abbotsford areas in the Province of British Columbia require that investors bring twice as much net worth and investments as what they would contribute to the other parts of the province. Exploratory visits are usually also recommended, with New Brunswick even setting a term of five business days to complete this activity.

PNP Personal Immigration Canada

Personal Immigration PNPs are available to skilled and semi-skilled workers with certain abilities, industry knowledge, and work experience within their industry. Not every PNP scheme mandates that candidates ought to have a job offer. However, nominees must meet certain education, linguistic proficiency (English and/or French), age, and medical fitness criteria. Individual nominees should be committed to obtaining permanent residence in their chosen province and will sign paperwork proving their intent to reside. Those invited to the province as a nominee are usually also able to bring their spouses, dependents and/or children.

Workers should pay all PNP and subsequently arising charges. The federal government has designated PNP dates when invitations to nominees are issued through the PNP draw. Following the latest PNP updates and PNP draws is a good practice.

How to Apply for PNP in Canada?

You can apply for a PNP program by:

  • Applying to a PNP program directly – the province will review your application based on the selection criteria and the points system. If you are found to be a suitable candidate, the province will give you a nomination letter, which you can use to apply for PR;


  • Applying through the Express Entry System – your profile will be visible to all provinces and territories in this case. If selected, you will receive an invitation to apply for an Express Entry stream of that province’s or territory’s PNP.

If you are successful at your PNP application in either of the pathways, you will be granted 600 points under the Comprehensive Ranking System. You will be able to use these points in your Express Entry application.

A preliminary piece of advice is first to give your very best in researching the labour market and employment needs of the province you intend to immigrate to. There is no point going for a certain role in a chosen province or territory if you cannot meet the PNP requirements, let alone if the region does not need people from your area of employment.

Bearing this in mind, you will then have to decide which province you will apply to in order to be nominated for PNP. You can familiarize yourself with the different streams in this page’s ‘List of Programs’ section below, where you can access each stream’s application guide and forms through the provided links.

PNP Canada flowchart of what to do

PNP Canada Costs

PNP Canada costs are reflected in the provinces’ discretionary immigration powers, so prices vary. This section only refers to application fees paid to the government and associate expenses – it does not include investment costs or lawyer fees for business PNP streams. You can estimate your PNP business immigration costs with our fee calculator.

There are several free-of-charge PNP programs, though provinces tend to provide PNPs for minimal fees ranging between $250 and $350. These fees apply to the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program, the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program, the Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program and the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.

Medium-priced PNP programs include a $500 fee for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program and Quebec schemes capped at $785, the latter of which may be supplemented by $168 each for the primary applicant’s spouse/partner and child to move to Canada. The most expensive PNPs include the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program ($1,150) and the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, which can be topped at $2,000 and no less than $1,500.

Due to extra expenditures, PNP fees range between $2,300 and $3,800. Let us take Quebec as an example of additional fees:

  • Mandatory visa fees ($550 for the applicant and their spouse and $150 for dependents);
  • Right to Permanent Residence Fees ($490);
  • Language tests ($300);
  • Police verification fees ($100);
  • Medical examination payments ($450 for adults and $200 less for children); and
  • Government fees ($225 per child, jumping to $1,325 per adult).

In other words – it is advisable to have enough savings to cover the total costs, not just the PNP fees.

PNP Canada Processing Time

The PNP PR processing time depends on the applicant’s entry type and the province they have applied to.

An Express Entry PNP applicant will receive priority in their application review, so their PNP Express Entry would take about 5 to 6 months. A standard non-Express Entry application for PNP vs an Express Entry would always come second on the province’s list, so expect the processing time to be anywhere between 12 and 24 months.

Quebec, a province with distinctive PNP requirements, previously processed PNP nominations in just 20 days, although it has instead elected to adopt the maximum 6-month processing model.

PNP Canada: List of Programs 2024

This section will provide a convenient summary of all PNP programs across Canadian provinces. They are divided into PNPs for individuals and business owners.

Alberta offers eight PNP schemes that cost between $500 and $3,500, split equally between a targeted audience of singular workers and business professionals, all of which are currently accepting applications:
Name of Alberta PNPTypeDetails
Alberta Opportunity StreamIndividualsNot aligned with the Express Entry option, this PNP is for skilled workers presently employed the province.
Alberta General Express Entry StreamIndividualsAligned with the Express Entry option (score of at least 300), this PNP requires employment history in the province or alternatively a family connection of citizenship/permanent residency in the province.
Alberta Accelerated Tech PathwayIndividualsAligned with the Express Entry system, this PNP is available to workers from 38 professions currently working in Alberta or having a job offer in the province.
Rural Renewal StreamIndividualsNot associated with the Express Entry system, this PNP requires a job/job offer in a rural part of the province, where the candidates intend to reside and be part of a rural community.
Farm StreamBusinessThis Stream is available for those who wish to become Alberta Farmers. Does not require any work experience in the province.
Graduate Entrepreneur StreamBusinessThis Stream is for graduates from domestic universities and foreign institutions who wish to start a business in the province. Does not require any work experience in the province.
Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur StreamBusinessThis Stream is for graduates from domestic universities and foreign institutions who wish to start a business in the province. Does not require any work experience in the province.
Rural Entrepreneur StreamBusinessThis Stream is for those who want to purchase a rural business. Does not require any work experience in the province.
The BC PNP system is amongst one of the most desired ones in terms of nominations and has three main pathways:
Name of BC PNPTypeDetails
Skilled WorkerIndividualsThere are several sub-streams under this category costing $1,150 and taking 2 to 3 months to process: the Skilled Worker Category, the Healthcare Professional Category, the International Graduate Category, the International Post-Graduate Category and the

Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category.*

* The first four sub-streams are covered under both the Skilled Worker and the Express Entry categories.
Express Entry BC StreamIndividualsSame as above
Entrepreneur StreamBusinessBase Category
The Manitoba PNP is divided into five streams of nomination, the last one of which is specifically designed to cater to the economic needs of a particular local community:
Name of Manitoba PNPTypeDetails
Skilled Worker in Manitoba IndividualsNominees can choose between the Manitoba Work Experience Pathway and the Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway, pay $500 and wait six months for the nomination to be processed.
Skilled Worker Overseas IndividualsThe two sub-streams (the Manitoba Express Entry Pathway and the Human Capital Pathway cover In-Demand Occupations), cost $500 and take six months for the nomination to be processed.
International Education StreamIndividualsDesigned to help graduates receive permanent residence, the Career Employment Pathway ($500), the Graduate Internship Pathway: ($500) and the International Student Entrepreneur Pathway ($2,500) each take six months to process.
Morden Community Driven InitiativeIndividualsMorden received a city classification only in 2012 and is located 112 km southwest of Winnipeg and attempts to attract immigrants to grow its c.10,000 residents.
Manitoba Business Investor StreamBusinessCovers entrepreneurs and farmers, costs $2,500 and takes six months for the nomination to be processed.
The New Brunswick PNP system could distinctively suit French speakers and Atlantic Pilots, alongside having an NB PNP variation of the Skilled Professionals, Business and Express streams:
Name of NB PNPTypeDetails
Express Entry StreamIndividualsTemporarily suspended since May 2022.
Skilled Workers StreamIndividualsNominees must have secured full-time job offers on a permanent contract.
Strategic Initiative StreamIndividualsAvailable to Francophone workers.
Atlantic Immigration ProgramIndividualsNew Brunswick, as one of the four Atlantic provinces, can hire foreign employees that are not able to fit with their profession locally.
Business Immigration StreamBusinessRequires that nominees invest $300,000 and have $600,000 in net worth.
Newfoundland and Labrador replicates a PNP program offered by the other Atlantic provinces but equally has its own Express Entry, Graduate and Skilled Workers streams:
Name of NL PNPTypeDetails
Express Entry Skilled WorkerIndividualsCost $250 and take just 25 days to be processed.
Skilled Worker CategoryIndividualsSame as above.
International Graduate CategoryIndividualsFree of charge and take just 25 days to be processed.
Atlantic Immigration PilotIndividualsNewfoundland and Labrador, as one of the four Atlantic provinces, can hire foreign employees that are not able to fit with their profession locally.
International Entrepreneur CategoryBusinessThe processing time is fluid and costs $1,000; nominees must be able to invest $200,000 and have $600,000 in net worth.
International Graduate Entrepreneur CategoryBusinessNominees must pay $250 and must have graduated from the Memorial University of College of the North Atlantic in the last two years (two-year programs and above are recognized only).
The Nova Scotia PNP is split into enhanced and base streams available to individuals and entrepreneurs:
Name of NS PNPTypeDetails
Nova Scotia Experience (Express Entry)IndividualsExpress Entry stream selects highly skilled individuals who wish to live in Nova Scotia permanently. Applicants must have at least one year of experience working in Nova Scotia in a high skilled occupation.
Nova Scotia Labour Market PrioritiesIndividualsLabour Market Priorities stream selects candidates in the federal Express Entry system who meet provincial labour market needs to apply for nomination.
Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities for PhysiciansIndividualsThe Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities stream for Physicians selects physicians to apply for nomination through the federal Express Entry system. Only candidates with an approved offer from the Nova Scotia Health Authority or the IWK Health Centre who receive a Letter of Interest from the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration may apply.
Skilled Worker StreamIndividualsThis Stream helps employers recruit foreign workers and recently graduated international students whose skills are needed in Nova Scotia. An employer can only hire foreign workers for positions they have been unable to fill with permanent residents or Canadian citizens.
Occupation In-Demand StreamIndividualsThe Occupations in Demand stream targets specific NOC C and D occupations that are in high labour market demand in Nova Scotia.
International Graduates In-DemandIndividualsThe International Graduates in Demand stream is for recent international graduates whose skills and education match specific National Occupational Classification (NOC) job categories.
Physician StreamIndividualsThis Stream assists Nova Scotia’s public health authorities – the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) and the Izaak Walton Killam Health Centre (IWK) – to hire general practitioners, family physicians, and specialist physicians to work in Nova Scotia.
Entrepreneur StreamBusinessThe Entrepreneur Stream is for experienced business owners or senior business managers who want to live in Nova Scotia. They must start a new business or buy an existing business and must actively participate in the day-to-day management of the business.
International Graduate Entrepreneur StreamBusinessThe International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream is for recent graduates of a Nova Scotia university or the Nova Scotia Community College. They must have already started or bought a Nova Scotia business and operated it for at least a year.
The Ontario PNP program is the one attracting the most nominations due to having a good number of PNPs split into four major categories:
Name of Ontario PNPTypeDetails
Human Capital CategoryIndividualsCovers Skilled Workers, French speakers and Skilled Traders.
Masters or PhD Category IndividualsView the Masters stream

View the PhD stream

Employer Job Offering CategoryIndividualsIncludes Students ($1,500; max. 120 days’ processing time) and In-Demand and Foreign Workers ($1,500 - $2,000; max. 90 days’ processing time; price depends on whether the job is outside of Toronto or not).
Entrepreneur StreamBusinessNominees must have $400,000-$800,000 depending on whether they will do business inside or outside of the Great Toronto Area; an Economic Assessment must be completed.
PEI has a population just around 173,000 residents and is able to welcome newcomers through the PEI PNP systems divided into these channels:
Name of PEI PNPTypeDetails
PEI PNP Express EntryIndividualsPDF guide.
Labour Impact CategoryIndividualsPDF guide.
Business Impact CategoryBusinessPDF guide.
The Saskatchewan PNP system has good processing times and a variety of PNPs for students, skilled workers, qualified workers, and people in agriculture:
Name of Saskatchewan PNPTypeDetails
International Skilled WorkerIndividualsThe ISW PNP features several sub-categories: Tech Talent Pathway, Employment Offer, Occupations In Demand and Saskatchewan Express Entry at a price of $350, taking

4-37 weeks to receive a nomination.
Saskatchewan ExperienceIndividualsCovers six sub-categories, including students, truck drivers, agriculture workers and people in the healthcare/hospitability sectors. The processing time is remarkably quick: two weeks.
EntrepreneurBusinessTakes 14 weeks to process and the nomination covers farm owners and investors with half a million Canadian dollars net worth (there exist several sub-entrepreneur pathways with different requirements, e.g. for young investors). Costs $2,500.
Farm owner/operatorBusinessSame as above.
International Graduate EntrepreneurBusinessNominees should be aged 21 and have completed their education in a local institution. There are exceptions as to who is eligible to apply, e.g. illegal residents.
The Northwest Territories have a population of c.45,000 and Yellowknife is the capital/administrative and political hub. The Northwest Territories PNP system seeks to invite workers and entrepreneurs across the following programs:
Name of NWT PNPTypeDetails
Express Entry for Skilled WorkersIndividualsNomination of foreign nationals through these sub-PNPs: Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades and the Canadian Experience Class.
Skilled WorkerIndividualsNomination of foreign nationals who have worked for six months in the Northwest Territories.
Entry-level/Semi-skilled OccupationsIndividualsShortage job nominations for people with six months’ work experience in the Northwest Territories.
Business StreamBusinessThose eligible for the Northwest Territories Business PNP need to prove they can acquire/create and develop a business, provide a deposit, have a net worth of $250,000 to $500,000 (contingent on you business is in or out of Yellowknife) and invest between $150,000 to $300,000 (contingent on whether you business is in or out of Yellowknife)
The below take 12-14 weeks to get processed (all programs except the BNP program require a job, but the BNP program has net worth requirements and IELTS/TEF test requirements):
Name of Yukon PNPTypeDetails
Yukon Express EntryIndividualsFor skilled foreign workers.
Skilled WorkerIndividualsFor skilled foreign workers.
Critical Impact WorkerIndividualsUnskilled or semi-skilled foreign workers in occupations of high demand.
Yukon Community PilotIndividualsCan work for multiple Yukon employers and in multiple communities.
Business NomineeBusinessAvailable to those who have substantial capital to start or join the running of a business.

The Best PNP Programs in Canada

The two most popular PNP programs are the Ontario Nominee Immigrant Program (OINP) and the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP).

The Ontario PNP is popular as Ontario hosts four of Canada’s ten wealthiest cities, including the capital city, Ottawa. The local PNPs are separated into ‘Business’, ‘Employer Job Offer’ and ‘Human Capital’ streams available to investors, students, Ph.D. graduates and French Speakers, among others.

BCPNP has three streamlines: one for workers, one for entrepreneurs, and a third for Express Entry candidates. Some work schemes cater to individuals trained in the aviation (pilots) and technology sectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about PNP Canada.

Is PNP Canada easy?

Yes, getting a PNP is regarded as a straightforward process. Unlike other immigration systems, it enjoys the government’s support as local authorities get to make the nominations, i.e. the government wants you, so it will make an effort to attain you. The popularity of this scheme comes from the dozens of streams within the PNP program, the flexibility of requirements on a province-by-province basis, and the fast processing time. However, in terms of business immigration, PNPs might not be the best choice, and you might have quicker and more certain immigration outcomes through federal immigration programs.

Does PNP guarantee PR?

Probably yes, if you fulfill all requirements. The Provincial Nominee Program Canada is a way to obtain permanent residency (PR) in Canada. As the point of the PNP Visa for Canada is to attract skilled immigrants to the country, it effectively also aims to retain these arrivals for the long term and is, in a way, a fast track to PR.

Can I apply for a PNP outside of Canada?

Yes, you may apply for PNP from overseas either by contacting your chosen province and requesting a PNP nomination or by being nominated by the province itself as a foreign national, the latter of which would be followed up by a self-creation of an Express Entry online profile.

How does PNP work?

PNP is a type of immigration program for students, entrepreneurs, and skilled (or semi-skilled) workers with education, capabilities, and plans to become permanent residents of Canada.

Suppose you request a nomination by a Canadian province or receive such a nomination. In that case, you must follow the PNP application procedures explained above (‘How to apply for PNP in Canada?’). This can be done through the Express Entry online service or a paper-based application.

You will also need to confirm the fees for your PNP depending on whether you apply as a worker or an entrepreneur and the province or territory in your spotlight.

In addition, you will be assigned points for the level of your skills, professional qualifications, language proficiency etc. You will also need to pay the PNP fees and other associated costs with the application, e.g. medical and language testing or governmental charges.

How long does it take to get a PNP nomination?

The more preferred application method involves the Express Entry online portal, which speeds up the processing time to 6 months. Otherwise, a paper-based application takes more time, which may take as long as 2 years.

While these are the general deadlines, remember that you can apply for 80 PNP schemes in 13 provinces/territories. Some PNP pathways may take less time, such as the British Columbia Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category being issued after 2 to 3 months.

What is provincial nomination in Express Entry?

An Express Entry for provincial nomination is a way to add to 600 bonus Comprehensive Ranking System Points and further compel a province to issue a nomination invitation. It is also known as an enhanced nomination. This type of nomination is a solid step closer to securing an Invitation To Apply.

Can I apply for multiple PNP in Canada?

Yes, you may be able to submit two PNP nominations to two different provinces/territories in Canada. Make sure you choose wisely because, in every province, you are required to sign a statement of intent. Some provinces, such as New Brunswick, may require you to sign a statement of commitment, which attaches a greater degree of legality to it.

Can I move to another province after PNP?

Immigration is a huge commitment, and the Canadian government wants you to commit to your province of choice. As such, moving to another province is not desirable after obtaining PNP. Let us explain this with an example.

You have, for instance, obtained a PNP to settle in Yukon, the second least dense region in Canada, but then you decided to move to Ontario. You may face a refusal to receive a PR due to an initial misrepresentation – after all, your actions do not back up your initially expressed commitment to Yukon. If you have a PNP and are awaiting PR, this may be refused (or revoked if you have obtained it and moved) on the grounds of a false representation. You may even be deported and barred from entering Canada for 5 years.

Please think carefully about the province you want to be nominated by. However, after residing in your PNP province for some time and receiving PR, you may move to another province.

Ultimately, you should ask yourself how the province will help you develop and whether there are economic growth opportunities in the job sector that will make you a good fit for the relevant Canadian region of interest. It is best to settle in your preferred province from the start.

Can my family come to Canada with me if I obtain a provincial nomination?

Generally, administrative guidelines do not stop your closest family members (spouse and dependents/children) from following in your footsteps and moving to Canada. However, bringing your extended family (parents, grandparents, siblings, nieces/nephews, cousins, aunts/uncles, etc.) to Canada may be a bit more difficult. Sometimes, only certain categories of workers can invite their families. For example, skilled workers can bring their families, unlike semi-skilled workers.

In case you have any doubts as to whether your family can come with you to Canada after you obtain a provincial nomination, it is always best to consult with an immigration lawyer.

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