How Businessmen from South Africa Can Immigrate to Canada

How Businessmen from South Africa Can Immigrate to Canada

November 03, 2021

From South Africa to British Columbia

A successful businessman from South Africa contacted us with a budget of up to $300,000 to explore the possibilities of business immigration to Canada. His immigration priorities were:

  • Bringing his family (a spouse and 3 children) to Canada and starting a business in Canada that fits his budget;
  • While he had more capital, he wanted to start with a smaller budget (because he was not familiar with the Canadian market) and grow his Canadian business presence in coming years;
  • With extensive knowledge in the transportation and logistics sector, he was open to other sectors in Canada that would be less capital intensive and have lower risks;
  • He wanted to do thorough research about businesses he could purchase and land in Canada with his family in 2021;
  • As to the location in Canada, the Client wished that the geographic climate was mild and the consumer market was big enough for the chosen business to run successfully.

Equipped with these priorities and timelines, the Sobirovs team completed detailed research and proposed several options for the Client. The Client chose a franchise business a new location of which would be opened in November 2021 in an urban area of British Columbia. Necessary due diligence steps have been taken and the Client signed a purchase agreement with a franchisor company.

The Timeline of the Case

Purchasing a franchise store in British Columbia as an initial step in his long-term investment plan well-fitted the Client’s budget and covered all legal fees for his family. Through such investment, our Client and his spouse were eligible to obtain open work permits, and their 3 children got student visas to study at Canada’s world-class public schools (see below).

The application package for the entrepreneur visa under the C11 program was submitted to the High Commission of Canada in South Africa on March 08, 2021. The main challenge of this application was timing. The Client’s franchise location would open in November 2021 and our team had to ensure that the Client’s family arrives in Canada before the opening. The delays and complications related to the COVID-19 pandemic had to be considered seriously as they affected the whole process.

Our team has prepared a detailed application package for the Pretoria Visa Office explaining the Client’s business experience and overall investment plan in Canada. Our team regularly followed up with the Visa Office and got the application approved on October 20, 2021.

We’re glad to know that the Client has successfully arrived in Canada with his family prior to the November 2021 opening of his business location. We look forward to witnessing his business success in Canada!

Key Takeaways from the Case

Every business immigration application is different and peculiar and can present unique challenges. In this particular case, Sobirovs had to balance several priorities and choose the best course of action to comply with the set timeline.

In business immigration, you can submit a perfect application, which on the face of it should receive approval with flying colours. Unfortunately, even the clearest applications can run into roadblocks that are beyond your control. That’s where professional advice and experience play a significant role. As business immigration lawyers, it is crucial to be focused on client priorities, trust your knowledge and experience, conduct all necessary due diligence and most of all – properly communicate the message to the Visa Office. A strong application package itself is only one part of the process, the review and analysis by the Visa Office is the other very important part.

Why You Should Choose Sobirovs for Your Business Immigration to Canada

Our experienced business immigration lawyers have helped hundreds of business immigration clients. In such a specialized area of immigration law, many different intricacies can arise depending on the needs of the client and the facts of their situation. Sobirovs prides itself on an individual approach to every client which allows us to accommodate our clients’ needs. If you think you have a clear-cut business immigration application or one that leaves room for uncertainty, Sobirovs can provide you with tailored guidance and help you bring your business and family to Canada.

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