From Oil & Gas Executive in Vietnam to a Franchise Owner in Canada

From Oil & Gas Executive in Vietnam to a Franchise Owner in Canada

A prominent senior executive from Vietnam inquired whether we could assist him with purchasing a franchise and immigrating to Canada. The client’s budget was between CAD $250,000 and CAD $350,000. The facts of this case were as follows:

  • The client is a well-experienced senior executive in the energy industry, focusing on the oil and gas sector, with over a decade of experience in managing highly complex projects;
  • The client wanted to utilize the management experience that he developed during his career in his new business venture in Canada;
  • The client wanted to complete the entire immigration process and settle in Canada in 2022; and
  • One of the client’s personal goals was to bring his family, his spouse, and their children to Canada with him.

For this business immigration client, our lawyers researched possible Canadian investment opportunities that would be suitable for the client’s needs. As a result, we proposed an established franchise opportunity with a successful international franchise that would be eligible for a C-11 Entrepreneur Work Permit.

Timeline of the Case

Our lawyers incorporated our client’s new Canadian company on 19 December 2021.

After considerable market research, we advised our client on the purchase agreement of the franchise location on 9 March 2022, with the final acquisition date being 19 April 2022.

Our client signed the franchise agreement with the franchisor on 11 April 2022 and signed a multiyear sublease of the premises on the same date. The business immigration application was approved on 3 August 2022.

In order to be eligible for Canadian business immigration, our client purchased an existing franchise business. As a result, this investment allowed him to receive a work permit, his spouse obtained an open work permit, and their children secured student visas.

Insights About This Case

Foreign entrepreneurs, investors, and executives have various options for business immigration to Canada. Clients that have established businesses in their home countries may benefit from expanding their business to Canada by establishing a subsidiary. In that case, they would be well-suited for an Intra-Company Transfer business immigration. Other clients may have an established start-up business that would be perfect for the Canadian Start-up Visa. In every case, the choice of the business immigration pathway will heavily depend on the personal background of the individual, the company, and available funds.

In this case, the client did not come from an entrepreneurial or start-up background. However, that is not a prerequisite for business immigration. This client had a wealth of experience managing teams and projects, which allowed him to gain many highly transferrable skills. With these skills, he is highly likely to be able to develop a successful business in Canada. Moreover, he had relevant education and available funds for investment that is needed for business immigration.

Every business immigration case is different. Although there are some general trends depending on the background of the entrepreneur or the investor, the immigration program that will suit you could be entirely different. Working with experienced business immigration lawyers to develop the most efficient immigration plan for your case is crucial.

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At Sobirovs, we take outstanding care of every client. For us, your success is our success. We achieve the best results by developing tailor-made immigration plans for every client. Our business immigration lawyers provide the highest client care in the industry and are with you from start to finish of your immigration journey. Our extensive experience in the industry allows us to leverage our specialized knowledge to help you and your business succeed in Canada.

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