Growing Indian Tech Company Expands to Canada

Growing Indian Tech Company Expands to Canada

Our client, a renowned entrepreneur in the IT industry, contacted us to inquire about possible business immigration solutions to bring his business and family to Canada. The client had a budget of CAD $250,000. We’re glad that we could help this client achieve his immigration goals fully. Below is the summary of the facts of this case:

  • The client is a co-founder of a large Indian IT company that specializes in streamlining business operations and improving accessibility. In particular, it provides IT services and consulting services, a food delivery service (similar to Uber Eats), and paperless digital education products and solutions for colleges and universities.
  • The Canadian extension of this company will focus on offering IT consulting services, offshoring of IT services, advanced end-to-end systems development and modification services, and Customer Relations Management (CRM) services.
  • The Canadian office intends to offer 24/7 services and support which would allow it successfully bid for larger tech projects in the US and Canada.
  • The client is employed as a Product Director and CTO of the Indian company and will undertake a new role of the Director of Technology and Sales at the company’s Canadian office.
  • One of the additional business immigration goals was to bring our client’s family with him for the duration of his employment in Canada.

Our business immigration lawyers analyzed the client’s goals, background, and facts of the case. After careful consideration, we proposed to apply for an Intra-Company Transfer Work Permit under LMIA Exemption Code C-12.

Timeline of the Case

The business immigration process began by helping our client incorporate the Canadian corporation on 27 September 2021.

Then, the Intra-Company Transfer immigration application was prepared and submitted on 18 November 2021. The application was approved on 7 February 2022. The client received a work permit, his spouse received an open work permit, and their child received a temporary resident visa.

The family plans to arrive in Canada in the coming months. We look forward to welcoming them here! While the client will start his new role at the Canadian company he will also have his family by his side in this new chapter of their professional and personal lives.

Lessons Learned from the Case

When a business grows it is only natural to look for other geographical markets to expand to. In this case, our client’s company was performing very well in its domestic market and already had clients in the US and the UAE. It was a calculated and executive business decision to look for expansion, and especially expansion to Canada.

Canada is one of the most favourable destinations for foreign tech companies to expand to. Firstly, lower taxes will leave you with more money to invest back into your business. Secondly, with various start-up subsidies and incentives, your company can grow even faster. Lastly, Canada has well-developed relations, through international agreements, not only with the US but with other global markets, which would allow you to do business more efficiently with international clients beyond just the North American market. A bonus – Canada’s welcoming immigration system supports your growing business by allowing you to hire the best talent from around the world and bring them to work at your Canadian business. Sobirovs Law Firm can help you benefit from all these benefits and support your international success!  

Why You Should Choose Sobirovs as Advisors for Your Business Immigration to Canada

If you are considering Canada as a possible country for the expansion of your business, talk to our business immigration lawyers about our custom-made solutions. We’ve helped numerous foreign businesses expand to Canada and can guide you and your company to successful business immigration to Canada. We have experience advising companies in various sectors from IT to food services to automotive, to name a few, and can certainly help you achieve your business immigration goals.

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