Bring Foreign Company to Canada

Bring Foreign Company to Canada

We offer full-service business immigration solutions to individuals that want to bring their established and operational foreign companies to Canada. This option is ideal for companies that want to expand to the Canadian market and benefit from the Canadian ever-growing economy.

Sobirovs Law Firm can advise you on:

  • Assessing your Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) eligibility;
  • Establishing your Canadian corporate entity;
  • Development of the business plan for the Canadian market;
  • Work permit applications; and
  • An open work permit and study permit applications for your family members.

We particularly can handle:

  • Developing an appropriate immigration strategy for you;
  • Drafting and submitting necessary immigration documents;
  • Facilitating a seamless immigration process; and
  • Any other issues concerning the ICT business immigration.

You can learn more about ICT immigration in our detailed review of the program.

At Sobirovs, we take pride in allowing our clients to focus on their business while we take care of the ICT immigration solutions. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of the Canadian business immigration framework and a deep understanding of procedures and applicable laws. Take a look at our Success Stories for examples of our work.

If this suits your needs take these 3 steps to learn more about your options and how we could help you achieve your goals: