Intra-Company Transfer to Permanent Residence: Success in 3 months

Intra-Company Transfer to Permanent Residence: Success in 3 months

July 26, 2021

How to Get Permanent Residence in Canada After Being an Intra-Company Transferee

Many clients and potential clients ask us about the possibility of becoming a permanent resident after being transferred to Canada under the Intra-Company Transfer Work Permit program. Let us tell you a success story of one of our clients who has gone through the ICT Work Permit to Permanent Residence route. His case is one of many possible scenarios of obtaining a PR in Canada through the ICT program.

The Basic Facts and Our Actions:

  1. The client was transferred from the US company to the company’s Canadian affiliate as a specialized knowledge intra-company transfer worker;
  2. He wanted our help with his permanent residence application when he accumulated the necessary Canadian experience and was well qualified for the Express Entry program;
  3. Upon review of all his previous Canadian visa applications, our team noticed that there were certain pieces of information that would not correspond to the information we learned from him. These were inadvertent mistakes that the client made when completing his previous visa applications;
  4. We decided to address all these inconsistencies in our lawyer’s submission so that these mistakes would not cause more serious problems for the client in the future. It is very important to be genuine, honest and transparent in all your dealings with the Canadian government; We succeeded in our submissions.
  5. His Canadian employer was ready to provide him with a job offer that would award him an additional 50 points for his Express Entry application. We have diligently helped the client draft an employment letter.
  6. We’ve reviewed and corrected his mistakes in his Express Entry profile and the client succeeded to collect the necessary score to be selected from the Express Entry pool of candidates.


The Timeline:

It’s been a pleasant surprise when we learned that the client obtained PR within 3 months while normally it took other applicants 6 months.

  1. On April 13, 2021, our team has finalized the client’s profile for permanent residence and submitted it; and
  2. On July 12, 2021, the client received the Confirmation of Permanent Residence for the whole family.


The Conclusion:

It’s always best to have a frank and open conversation with clients and learn about the smallest technical mistakes they did in their previous applications. When you deal with an experienced team of professionals, they can correct those honest mistakes and explain the situation to the Canadian authorities before the matter becomes more serious. The permanent residence applications are not forgiving and you can get disqualified for a small mistake. Therefore, it is always prudent to entrust your future status in Canada to experienced professionals who have seen various scenarios and can make a difference.

If you want to build your future in Canada on a solid foundation, then choose the Sobirovs team. We are here to help you with all our experience and knowledge. Book your 1-hour Strategy Meeting with a senior business immigration lawyer today!

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