Exporter Businesswoman’s Successful Immigration to Canada

Exporter Businesswoman’s Successful Immigration to Canada

February 18, 2021

This is an inspiring story of a dedicated Vietnamese businesswoman who came to Canada as a visitor. We worked with this energetic woman to obtain an Intra-Company Transfer work permit for her in just 2 months.

The Basic Facts:

  • a Vietnamese businesswoman came to Canada first as an international student but due to personal reasons she had to abandon her studies and return to Vietnam;
  • later, she obtained a visitor’s visa and came to Canada to learn more about  business opportunities for her successful family business in her home country;
  • mostly engaged in her family business and upbringing her children, she did not complete any studies on top of her high school degree;
  • having researched the Canadian market and been in Canada several times in the last 3 years, she decides to open a Canadian company related to her family’s business in Vietnam;
  • the business plan prepared by our team in collaboration with experts in Canada outlines what kind of business and export-import activities the new Canadian company will be engaged in;
  • the client and our team worked together to prepare a strong Intra-Company Transfer work permit application and submitted it on December 18, 2020;
  • the application was approved on February 3, 2021;
  • we received her work permit by mail on February 12, 2021. See below.

Transition to Permanent Residence:

  • after gaining 1-year of working experience under this work permit, the client will explore opportunities of permanent residence under Express Entry;
  • despite the fact that she does not have any post-graduate education, we expect that she will still meet the requirements if she follows the immigration strategy we designed for her.

The Conclusion

The main challenge we had in this application was to build an immigration strategy taking into account the fact that the client had only a high school diploma. Because her goals included doing business in Canada and moving steadily towards permanent residence, we had to choose a long-term strategy for her and her children. Our team has been very upfront in explaining the challenges of her application in terms of obtaining Canadian permanent residence and we suggested that she focused on growing her business in Canada and be patient when it comes to permanent residence. She accepted and agreed to our suggested strategy.

Many if not all of our clients want to obtain permanent residence quickly. Sometimes that may not be feasible. However, with the right advice and well-thought strategy, obtaining Canadian permanent residence as a family is a realistic goal.

What are your immigration goals with respect to your family and their future in Canada?

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