Permanent Residency In Just 2 Months For An ICT Entrepreneur

Permanent Residency In Just 2 Months For An ICT Entrepreneur

Do you currently operate a successful business in your home country? If yes, you may be eligible for permanent residence in Canada as a business owner. 

Here’s the story of Mr. S.M., who in 2021 started his company’s operations in British Columbia, Canada, and was approved to stay in Canada as a permanent resident in July 2023. It took Mr. S.M. 1 year and 10 months in total to complete his business immigration journey as an entrepreneur from India to Canada.

Background of the Case

Our client, Mr. S.M., is an accomplished entrepreneur from India. Before coming to Canada as a business owner, he was a CEO of a successful logistics company in India. In 2021, Mr. S.M. retained our team to assist him with expanding his company’s operations to Canada. Our client intended to set up his company’s operations in the Vancouver area of British Columbia. 

We assisted our client in applying for an Intra-Company Transfer visa to come to Canada to launch his business operations in Canada. His application was approved in September 2021, and he received a 2-year work permit to relocate to Canada with his family to start his company’s operations. 

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Business Operations in Canada

Upon arrival in Canada, Mr. S.M. worked diligently to establish his company’s operations and execute the business plan. He managed to set up his logistics company in the Greater Vancouver area, BC. Still, he later experienced many business challenges due to labour shortages and regulatory frameworks for logistics companies in BC. Nevertheless, Mr. S.M. persisted and continuously focused on generating revenue for his Canadian business. By the end of Year 1 in Canada, his company employed 3 employees (including Mr. S.M.) and generated a modest revenue (under $100K) in Canada. 

Application for Permanent Residence

Since our client was working as a self-employed entrepreneur in Canada, we advised our client to use the Express Entry program Federal Skilled Worker stream to transition to permanent residence. By February 2023, our client had completed all the eligibility requirements for this stream, obtained his English language test results, and collected all necessary documents. 

His application details can be found below:  

  • Express Entry: profile completed: February 2023; 
  • Express Entry score: 581 (with additional 200 points he received for the job offer from his company in Canada); 
  • ITA received: March 2023; 
  • Application submitted: May 2023; 
  • Biometrics completed: June 2023; and 
  • Application approved: July 2023. 

We advised our client to go through the Express Entry program because he could get his permanent residence application processed quickly without waiting 1-2 years for the outcome.  

Although Mr. S.M. was initially disadvantaged in the Express Entry pool, losing significant points due to his age (his original CRS score was 381), his company in Canada could offer him a permanent, full-time job in Canada, adding 200 points to his CRS score. 

Our team successfully represented Mr. S.M. in his application for permanent residence as an owner of a start-up company in Canada and got him and his family a positive result within 2 months of applying. 

We know how complicated and intimidating this final journey is for our clients, and we are happy that this was a relatively short waiting time for this client. 

Mr. S.M. is an incredible entrepreneur and a very kind human being. We are happy he chose Canada as his permanent home and Sobirovs as his trusted legal advisor. We are also grateful for this opportunity to serve him and participate in his immigration journey.  Congratulations to our client and his wonderful family, who will contribute to Canada’s prosperity! We wish him tremendous success in Canada! 

How Sobirovs’ Immigration Lawyers Can Help 

Business immigration is a complex, multi-level approach to relocating to Canada to do business. It involves several legal steps that lawyers are qualified and familiar with. Doing business in Canada requires careful planning and complying with local rules. The whole process involves more than submitting necessary forms and required documentation. It warrants a solid legal and immigration strategy as well as flawless execution. Therefore, working with experienced immigration lawyers who have helped thousands of foreign entrepreneurs to do business in Canada is a smart choice. 

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