Successful Business Immigration From Hong Kong To Canada: An ICT Success

Successful Business Immigration From Hong Kong To Canada: An ICT Success

February 05, 2021

Our team continues to achieve desirable results for our business immigration clients and their families. This time we got great news for our client based in Hong Kong.

This success story illustrates why professional and holistic guidance is important in your business immigration success. One message that we want to convey in this success story is – work with experienced, licensed and transparent immigration lawyers to achieve the best result possible in your immigration application.

The basics of the success story:

  • the client contact us in late November 2020 after an unsuccessful attempt in an Owner-Operator LMIA application;
  • after a detailed analysis of the client’s background, ultimate immigration goals, strengths and weaknesses his immigration history, our team has decided that, actually, the Intra-Company Transfer Work Permit application was a better and more suitable option;
  • thorough preparation was done and a strong application was submitted on December 22, 2020;
  • the application was approved on February 02, 2021 – that’s a positive result in roughly 1 month considering the New Year holidays and the COVID-19 related closures of the Canadian consulates;
  • the client will be accompanied by his wife and 2 children to Canada. As the residents of Hong Kong, the client and his family do not need visas but the need to obtain electronic travel authorization (eTAs) to travel to Canada. The necessary work permits and study permits will be obtained at the Canadian port of entry. Please see the end of this news piece for the work permit and eTA approval of the client.
  • his Canadian company will provide investment research, stock market updates and analysis and other related services.

The lessons we have learned from this success story:

  • an in-depth analysis of the immigration applicant’s previous actions, history and unsuccessful attempts to obtain an immigration status in Canada must be done by immigration lawyers. Such analysis helps us to identify what was done wrong and what kind of incorrect advice was given to the applicant.
  • a detailed conversation with the applicant is necessary to learn his concerns, goals and hesitations, and addressing them each in light of the ultimate immigration goals that the applicant may have.
  • once the concerns and weaknesses in the immigration application are identified, the immigration lawyer must address them directly in the legal submission that is including in the applicant’s immigration application package.
  • because the client has had a negative outcome before, keeping the client fully informed about the development of the file is very important not only for the client but also for our team as we want to “feel the pulse” in the development of the application after we submit it to the Canadian authorities.

What you can do if you’ve decided to come to Canada through a business immigration program?

  • You need to discuss your specific situation with an experienced and licenced Canadian business immigration lawyer who has been doing business immigration applications on a daily basis. The advantage of discussing your situation in confidence with such a lawyer is that he or she has probably dealt with similar cases successfully before. Our team of licensed immigration lawyers has represented thousands of clients and achieved desirable results for them. Talk to us by book a 1-hour Strategy Meeting with our senior immigration lawyer. We promise that it will be worth your time and investment!
  • Alternatively, if you are unsure whether a business immigration pathway is the right one for you, then complete this short assessment form by providing only genuine information, and we will get back to you with our preliminary assessment.

Getting the right guidance at the beginning of your journey is very critical as it will allow you to focus your time, money and energy in the right direction. Let our team be your guide in this journey!