Meet Sobirovs Law Firm

Meet Sobirovs Law Firm

Who We Are

We are a team of Canadian immigration lawyers and professionals based in Toronto, Canada.  Our primary goal is to assist businesses, entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world to relocate and succeed in Canada. We help our clients navigate through Canada’s immigration system with ease and provide hassle-free immigration services. We want our clients to concentrate on growing their business in Canada, not on solving possible immigration problems.

We love Canada and believe that immigrants make significant economic, social and cultural contributions to the prosperity and diversity of our country. We are on a mission to bring more successful, creative and talented immigrants to our beautiful country.

What We Do

We provide hassle-free Canadian immigration services to the following categories of individuals and companies:

  • Business owners who want to relocate to Canada;
  • High-net-worth-individuals seeking  permanent residence in Canada through investment;
  • Self-employed individuals seeking to start a business in Canada;
  • Multinational companies moving teams to Canada;
  • New start-up companies moving to Canada;
  • Athletes, coaches, and film and entertainment industry workers coming to work in Canada;
  • Tech companies relocating to Canada; and
  • Canadian companies hiring foreign workers.

Because we specialize in business immigration, we have developed a deep understanding of and expertise in the following programs:

  • LMIA-exempt work permits – Intra-Company Transfers, Significant Benefit Work Permits, Mobilité Francophone, International Experience Class, Treaty Investors, Treaty Professionals;
  • LMIA-based work permits – Global Talent Stream, regular LMIA to hire foreign workers;
  • Provincial Nominee Programs – Entrepreneur Stream;
  • Permanent Residence programs for business owners and professionals – Express Entry, Self-Employed category, and s. 25 permanent residence applications.

How We Work

Our service delivery standards are based on 5 principles:

1. Zealous Advocacy: Once you retain our services, we become your zealous advocates and will use all legal means to get you the results you desire. We do not believe that our role is limited to just collecting your documents and filling out a set of forms. We believe that as your advocates it is our duty to help you to collect the right evidence and present your case in the best possible way before Canadian immigration authorities. We fight for every client just as we would fight for our own family and view every positive result as our greatest accomplishment.

2. Same-Day Response: We understand that when stakes are high, frequent and clear communication is important. We also know that you would like to get responses to your questions immediately. While we cannot guarantee an immediate response, we strive to respond to client inquiries the same day because we know how important it is for you to get your questions answered in the fastest time possible.

3. Speedy Processing: We understand that sometimes time is of paramount importance and that going through the immigration process in the most time-efficient way is crucial for your business and your family.  We do not waste your time or our time by spending months and months processing your immigration application. Once you provide us with all the required documents and information, we guarantee that we will prepare and file your application within 2 weeks, so there is no unnecessary delay with your application.

4. Transparency: We know that when it comes to immigration, no one likes last-minute surprises. That’s why we promise to be transparent in all our dealings with you, starting with an honest assessment of your chances of success, clear and predictable fees, and regular updates about the progress made on your application. As part of our efforts in this regard, we have created a Fee Calculator that you can use to estimate your total immigration legal cost.

5. Support: We know that immigration rules are complex and confusing and that you might need extra support to understand the requirements or even require additional help to find the right business to buy for your immigration and investment purposes. We strive to simplify complex information for our clients, develop a good immigration strategy for them, and guide them throughout the entire process. We provide full support, including corporate registrations in Canada, buying a business in Canada, developing business plans and recruiting services for Canadian employers that want to hire foreign workers. We have also partnered with many reliable organizations and service providers that help our clients with all their business needs, in addition to immigration needs, including accounting services, taxation, real estate and settlement services.

Why Work With Us

  • Because We Care: We care about you and your success in Canada. We try to build our systems around our clients’ needs to provide them with an excellent, hassle-free immigration experience. We are not in this business just for money (although we like to be compensated). We are in this business because we are passionate about our mission to bring great people, families and businesses to Canada. We care about you, your family, your business, and your goals in Canada and want to be a part of your immigration journey to our country.
  • Because We Specialize: We understood that to develop deep expertise in any field of law and become truly proficient in that field, we had to specialize. We chose to limit our practice to business immigration only because we want to be the best in this field. Our focus on business immigration has allowed us to serve hundreds of business owners, self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs, startups and companies from all around the world and develop this deep expertise in Canadian business immigration programs.
  • Because We Understand: We understand your goals, aspirations, dreams and business needs. We understand that the immigration process is time-demanding, information-intensive, uncertain and stressful in general. That’s why we created the processes and systems to ensure that you receive support tailored to your needs during each step of the application process. We strive to remove all friction to make this experience smooth for you, starting with electronic signatures for retainers, collaboration via our client portal, electronic document collection, online file monitoring and prompt meeting scheduling to discuss your questions or clarify information.
  • Because We Believe: We believe in you and your ability to contribute to the prosperity, cultural diversity and greatness of our country. We believe that your company has the potential to become Canada’s next big brand. We believe that when you succeed in Canada, your success will have a direct positive effect on Canada’s economy, job market and global competitiveness. We believe that your relocation to Canada is a win-win-win solution for you and your family, for your business and Canada as a whole!

Our Team

We are blessed to have amazing, passionate and knowledgeable individuals on our team. They work tirelessly to deliver the best service and get the best results for our clients.

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Our Results

In 2020:

  • Clients served: 396
  • Positive results achieved: 92.8%
  • Investments attracted to Canada: $5,980,000+
  • Permanent well-paid full-time jobs created for Canadians: 31
  • Funds donated to charity: $22,500

Next Step

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