From C-11 to Canadian Permanent Residency as an Immigrant Entrepreneur

From C-11 to Canadian Permanent Residency as an Immigrant Entrepreneur

We receive a lot of questions from our clients asking if C-11 work permits (entrepreneur stream) can lead you to a permanent residency in Canada. The answer is “yes”, provided that you meet the eligibility requirements for the program and you operate a genuine and legitimate business in Canada.  

Read our most recent success story about how one of our clients transitioned from a C-11 work permit to permanent residency. Her PR application took around 5 months to be reviewed and approved by the IRCC.  

Background of the Case

Our client is an accomplished entrepreneur from Turkey. Before coming to Canada as a business owner, she had owned and operated multiple shawarma chain stores in Australia and Turkey. In 2020 she retained our team to assist her with business investment and immigration to Canada. Our client intended to buy a small retail store in Toronto, Ontario. After almost 4 months of searching, she purchased a convenience store located in downtown Toronto for around $145,000. We assisted our client in applying for a C-11 work permit to come to Canada as an entrepreneur. Her application for a C-11 work permit was approved in September of 2020, and she received a 2-year work permit to come to Canada with her family as an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, our client had to close her convenience store for almost 4 months after her arrival. Her store did not do well due to the limited foot traffic in downtown Toronto as a result of the shift to remote work during the pandemic.  

Permanent Residency Application Process

Since our client was an entrepreneur in Canada, we advised our client to apply for permanent residence using the Express Entry program, Federal Skilled Worker stream. By August 2022, our client had completed all the eligibility requirements for this program and obtained her English language test results and all the necessary documents. Her application details can be found below:  

  • Express Entry profile completed: November 2022  
  • Express Entry score: 510 (with additional 200 points she received for the job offer from her company in Canada)
  • ITA received: November 2022
  • Application submitted: December 2022 
  • Biometrics completed: March 2023  
  • Application approved: May 23, 2023 

We advised our client to go through the Express Entry program for our client because she could get her permanent residence application processed in a speedy manner without the need to wait 1-2 years for the outcome. Nevertheless, her application under the Express Entry program had several complexities, including:  

  1. She was disadvantaged in the Express Entry pool, losing significant points due to her age. Her original score (without the 200 points that came from a job offer) was 310.  
  2. Her C-11 work permit had expired while she was waiting for her permanent residence application to be finalized, and she had an “implied status in Canada”.  
  3. Her business was struggling in terms of revenue generation and profitability.  

Our team successfully navigated these complexities and achieved a successful outcome for our client. We know how complicated and intimidating this final journey is for our clients, and we are happy that this was a relatively short waiting time for this client.  

Congratulations to our client! We wish her tremendous success in Canada!  

How We Can Help

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