Indian Fintech Company Expands to Canada

Indian Fintech Company Expands to Canada

An experienced fintech executive contacted us to advise him on possible business immigration options to Canada. The client had a budget of between CAD $250,000 and CAD $350,000. Here is a summary of the facts of this case:

  • The company was established in New Delhi, India in 2005;
  • The company provides high-quality fintech software that is tailored towards analyzing the Indian stock market;
  • Thousands of clients have used the company’s proprietary stock analysis systems;
  • The Indian parent company wanted to expand to the North American market by opening a subsidiary company in Canada;
  • The client is one of the founders of the company. He has over 21 years of senior management experience in software development and fintech; 
  • Considering our client’s unique and valuable experience, he was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian company to oversee the early development stage of the project; and
  • One of the main goals of our client was to bring his spouse and their child to Canada with him.

Our business immigration lawyers assessed our client’s case and concluded that the Intra-Company Transfer process would best suit the circumstances and business objectives.

Timeline of the Case

We began the immigration process by incorporating the Canadian subsidiary company on 27 September 2021. Our business immigration lawyers drafted and submitted the ICT application on 18 November 2021.

The application was approved relatively fast, on 7 February 2022, considering the current delays with processing times.

The client received a work permit. His spouse received an open work permit, and their child received a study permit.

The growing company is expected to begin its Canadian operations in the next few months. The client’s family is looking forward to starting a new life in Canada!

Insights About the Case

There are many successful companies around the world. In every country, every city, there are companies that have achieved their business objectives. The company in this case grew over the years and achieved its business objectives because it is largely successful and financially feasible. However, there is a point in every company’s lifecycle when it has achieved all it could on the national or regional scale. Then, you must look for expansion once you exhausted your initial business opportunities. 

It is only natural to expand a successful business. Many businesses in fintech, IT, e-commerce, and other modern industries tend to already operate on a multinational scale. Be it foreign clients, employees, or investment – chances are that your business already has some level of international exposure.

Most often, a successful business formula in one country can be replicated in another. There are possible operational and regulatory adjustments, of course. Companies that expand to Canada enjoy new opportunities and are able to benefit from every growing domestic economy while getting access to Western and North American consumers.

Why You Should Choose Sobirovs as Advisors for Your Business Immigration to Canada

We have worked with many foreign established companies, entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors. They have all achieved success domestically and looked at Canada as the perfect business expansion destination. We have a proven track record of helping companies succeed in their business immigration to Canada. Our experts develop tailor-made immigration strategies for every client that reflects their business needs and objectives.

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