Success Story from Oman: C11 Work Permit for a businessman’s family

Success Story from Oman: C11 Work Permit for a businessman’s family

March 24, 2021

Moving from one country to another is a big challenging step for any family. If you are switching continents to grow your business and bringing your family to a new country, you want your spouse and children to be in good status while you concentrate on growing your business. This is exactly what’s in the mind of our recent client for whom our team managed to obtain a positive result.

Our client, originally from India, has been living with his family in Oman for many years, is now determined and confident to run his business in Canada.

The story:

  • The client was referred to us by one of our trusted partners back in 2020;
  • After a thorough conversation and learning about his priorities, we proposed moving forward with a purchase of a reputable franchise and applying for a work permit;
  • The family’s peace of mind and the children’s education were important for the client so that he could fully focus on his new Canadian business;
  • The franchise option was identified and a strong C11 Work Permit application was submitted on March 4, 2021, after completing all of the necessary legal documents of the purchase;
  • On March 5, 2021, the client and his family members received the biometrics request letters and submitted their biometrics accordingly; and
  • On March 15, 2021, the Canadian authorities requested their passports to affix the relevant visas. See below.
  • We expect that the family will be arriving in Canada in the next few months.

The lessons we learned from this successful application:

  • each client has short-, medium- and long-term goals about immigration to Canada. It is very important to understand all of these goals to suggest the most optimal immigration strategy;
  • immigration laws in Canada and not static, and they change regularly. As a business immigration law firm, we must monitor the laws frequently and inform those clients who may be affected by the changes and dynamics in Canadian immigration laws. In building a successful immigration strategy for this client, our team proactively took into account the changes to the Owner-Operator LMIA work permit program.
  • clearly inform the client about possible new risks of an immigration program and, if necessary, pivot the client’s case towards another immigration program, which poses fewer risks for the client; and
  • due to the fact that there are procedures that are beyond our control, both your lawyer and the client should manage their expectations with respect to the processing times at the Canadian embassies and government offices and be patient.

Why work with Sobirovs for your Canadian success?

Our team is on a mission to bring more successful, creative and motivated business immigrants to our beautiful country. We believe that such business immigrants make significant economic, social and cultural contributions to the prosperity and diversity of our country. Therefore, genuinely helping our clients is something more than providing quality legal services. It’s our passion. We offer transparent, holistic and client-specific business immigration services by openly discussing with potential clients the strengths and weaknesses of their cases.

Sobirovs takes on the cases of those clients whom we can help with their Canadian immigration goals. We are grateful to our clients who trusted us in 2020, one of the most challenging and yet successful years in our almost 10-year practice. Talk to our senior immigration lawyer today. We will learn a lot about each other!


C11 Work Visa Approval by Sobirovs Law Firm