Prominent Hygiene Products Manufacturer Expands to Canada

Prominent Hygiene Products Manufacturer Expands to Canada

Our client, a prominent manufacturer of hygiene products, contacted us about expanding its operations to Canada. The company inquired about possible business immigration options for one of the co-owners who would lead the Canadian business expansion. The client had a budget between CAD $250,000 and CAD $350,000.

The facts of the case were:

  • The parent company has a strong domestic presence in India and has export contracts to over 9 countries, including Canada;
  • The parent company generates over CAD 1 million a year in gross revenue;
  • The Canadian affiliate will explore similar manufacturing opportunities in Canada as its parent company;
  • The co-founder will be responsible for the initial business development of the Canadian company;
  • The co-founder has extensive senior management experience with the parent company;
  • The co-founder is experienced in building systems, strategy development, and creation of company culture, amongst other things that are essential to building a new business; and
  • One of the priorities of the co-founder was to bring her spouse and two children to Canada for the duration of her work permit.

Our business immigration lawyers carefully analyzed our client’s business objectives and proposed to pursue the Intra-Company Transfer program.

The Timeline of the Case

Our lawyers incorporated the Canadian affiliate on 1 October 2021. Shortly after, on 9 November 2021, the business immigration application was submitted to the IRCC.

The application was approved on 26 May 2022 after a considerable delay due to the backlog of immigration applications at the IRCC.

The client received a work permit, her spouse obtained an open work permit, and their two children received study permits.

Key Takeaways from this Case

A successful international expansion always starts with a good domestic foundation and strong leadership. The co-founder, in this case, has input in many aspects of the company’s operations. She engages in R&D initiatives and manages several departments, including marketing, store management, and others. She also takes an active role in the production of products by overseeing quality control and formulation processes. Over the past several years, she has helped the business thrive and reach its potential.

This co-founder is one of the best figures you’d want to take control of your company’s international expansion. When choosing an individual to lead your global expansion, your company needs to make the right choice. The individual must be knowledgeable of the company’s operations, products, services, potential, and business objectives. The individual must be able to analyze the possibilities of the new market and assess how your business could capitalize on them.

In many cases, your company must first test the idea and assess the potential for success. Our Senior Immigration Lawyer, Feruza Djamalova, told Forbes how she’d approach testing an idea in a new market based on her experience working with new businesses in Canada.

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