Turkish Business Is Expanding to Canada: Intra-Company Transfer Success

Turkish Business Is Expanding to Canada: Intra-Company Transfer Success

July 10, 2021

Business Immigration from Turkey to Canada

Our team has recently obtained the desired result for our client from Turkey who wants to bring new Turkish products to the Canadian market. Members of our team are fluent in Turkish and other languages which helps us connect with our clients interested in business immigration from Turkey to Canada on a different level. This success story is a great example of clear communication and guiding the client to the right path.

The Basics:

  • When the client approached us saying that he would like to bring new Turkish products to Canada, we wanted to know more about his business plan and ultimate objective of coming to Canada. When we had enough information about his existing Turkish business and intended business plan in Canada, we suggested the Intra-Company Transfer route as the most optimal for this client.
  • We’ve spent several weeks reviewing and preparing the client’s documents. As our team is fluent in Turkish, it was easier for us to identify the most relevant documents and have the client translate them officially to English.
  • May 14, 2021: we submitted the ICT Work Permit for a Senior Manager.
  • June 20, 2021: A passport request came from the Canadian authorities.
  • End of June 2021: the client has obtained his visa on his passport (see below).

Our team managed to achieve a positive result for the client within 2 months after submitting the application. It’s a great result considering the processing times during the present COVID-19 pandemic.

The Challenges:

  • At first, we had to explain that the client’s Turkish company and his Canadian company which he opened with his Canadian partners have to be in a certain relationship.
  • It took the client a while to come to an agreement between his shareholders in the Canadian company, but ultimately the parties agreed.
  • The client had only a secondary school education and had no post-graduation education but he had many years of business management experience. So, we argued that he is suitable for the role he will be taking in Canada.
  • The Canadian company has a franchise agreement with a leading Turkish manufacturer and will be the exclusive distributor of its products in Canada.
  • We have thoroughly reviewed the client’s business plan and suggested necessary changes.

The Lesson For Us:

Because our clients have succeeded in doing business in their home countries, they have a high level of confidence that they will succeed in the same way in Canada, which is a very developed economy. As trusted advisors of our clients, we are concerned about the client’s immigration success and have to review all the required documents, including the business plan. Although the business plan is simply a plan to be realized, we want to ensure that it fits the Canadian realities and is prepared as reasonably as possible taking into account the Canadian consumer market.

Do you want to have trusted advisors next to you when expanding your business to Canada?

Then, contact us today and book a 1-hour strategy meeting with our lawyers. We will tell you all the weaknesses and strengths of your situation without hesitation as we want to bring only the strongest business ideas to Canada. We choose who we take as our clients as our clients choose their business immigration lawyers. We believe that this is the most suitable approach for our mutual success!

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