Indian Entrepreneur Starts a New Business in Canada

Indian Entrepreneur Starts a New Business in Canada

Our client, a successful entrepreneur and business executive, contacted us to inquire about possible business immigration options associated with starting a new business in Canada. The client had a budget of between CAD $200,000 and CAD $300,000.

The facts of the case were as follows:

  • The client had extensive business executive experience in a successful precious metals trading company as well as a food wholesale and distribution company in India;
  • The client had rapid success with both companies by securing new market areas and increasing profitability;
  • The client has advanced education in business administration from a leading university in India;
  • The client saw a business opportunity in Canada to start a food wholesaling and distribution company;
  • The client would own 100% of the new Canadian company and undertake a new role as a Chief Executive Officer to oversee the development of the new business; and
  • The client wanted to bring his spouse for the duration of his employment in Canada.

Our business immigration lawyers carefully considered the facts of the case and our client’s business goals and proposed the C11 Entrepreneur Work Permit immigration pathway.

Timeline of the Case

The Canadian company was incorporated on 19 February 2021. Our lawyers submitted the business immigration application on 1 September 2021.

The application underwent a delayed assessment process with the IRCC due to Covid-related processing setbacks and was approved on 3 August 2022.

The client received a work permit, while his spouse received an open work permit. We are delighted to welcome a new business to Canada and are happy to have been a part of bringing a successful foreign entrepreneur to Canada.

Insights About the Case

C11 Work Permit has a unique requirement where the foreign entrepreneur must show how their new Canadian business will have a significant economic benefit to Canada. Various business ventures can satisfy this requirement in different ways. There is no one fits all formula for passing this assessment stage of the C11 business immigration pathway. In this case, our client had clearly outlined avenues for contributing to the Canadian economy.

Firstly, our client intends to employ at least 4 workers over the next 5 years to develop the new business efficiently and maximize business opportunities. The creation of these employment opportunities would generate approximately $800,000 in employee wages. Secondly, our client possesses extensive knowledge and experience and has navigated two businesses to success even during the turbulent times of the Covid-19 pandemic. The client intends to transfer his knowledge and experience to his new employees. Thirdly, the client has already committed financial funds to expand and develop his new business, which will be directly injected into the Canadian economy.

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