Leading Website Development Company Expands to Canada

Leading Website Development Company Expands to Canada

Our client, a successful entrepreneur and a co-founder of one of the world’s leading website development companies, contacted us to advise him on possible business immigration options to Canada. The client had a budget of $250,000 and $350,000. The facts of the case were:

  • The client’s company specializes in helping content publishers and digital agencies to maximize their performance by providing customized solutions in website development, enterprise-grade content management, and professional consultation;
  • The client has been the CEO of the company since 2010 and has accumulated significant experience in business development and management;
  • The parent company located in India will wholly own the Canadian subsidiary company;
  • The parent company also has operations in the United States;
  • In total, the parent company employs over 50 employees and generates over $1.5 million in yearly gross revenues; and
  • One of the main goals for our client was to bring his spouse and their child with them to Canada.

Our business immigration lawyers reviewed our client’s case and proposed to pursue the Intra Company Transfer pathway.

The Timeline of the Case

The first step in our client’s business immigration process was incorporating the Canadian subsidiary, which our lawyers completed on 14 December 2021. In less than a month, our team of experts submitted the business immigration application on 7 February 2022.

The application was approved on 25 April 2022.

The client received a work permit. His spouse received an open work permit, and their child received a temporary resident visa.

We are happy to welcome a new and exciting business to Canada and a happy, growing family!

Key Takeaways from the Case

Foreign entrepreneurs often have their eyes set on either Canada or the United States for business immigration. It is primarily due to the various benefits that the business expansion would create for their businesses, families, and personal life.

There are many differences in business immigration between Canada and the US. You should consider the investment requirement, close to USD 1 million in the US and around $250,000 in Canada. The processing times differ dramatically, close to 29 months in the US and about three months in Canada. You will also usually receive permanent residency faster in Canada than in the US.

However, some choose the US over Canada as our client in this case. His Indian company had an abundance of American clients, and to serve them better, the company needed an office in the US, which they opened in 2018. Shortly after, the company started attracting Canadian clients, and there was a business need to open an office in Canada.

You should evaluate your business needs, personal goals, your desired timeframe, and your budget in making the decision when choosing Canada or the US for business immigration.

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