Immigration to Canada for U.S. Companies and Tech Workers

Immigration to Canada for U.S. Companies and Tech Workers

September 29, 2022

Feruza Djamalova, the co-founder and senior business immigration lawyer at Sobirovs, recently wrote an article for TechCrunch, which focused on tips for US companies and tech workers regarding immigrating to Canada.

Foreign talent is particularly sought after due to labour shortages and increasing competition for the best talent domestically, leading to companies looking for talent globally. In the article, Feruza discussed the backlogged US immigration system, which has led to unpredictability and high processing times, making immigrating to Canada a more efficient alternative due to its open-arms attitude to skilled workers. A key message for U.S .-based companies is that you do not need to have operations in Canada to relocate your foreign talent to Canada. However, you must commit to creating benefits for the Canadian labour market and may be subject to compliance reviews. Canadian employers may also look further afield for talent, with options such as Global Talent Stream and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Immigration to Canada for investors, start-ups and entrepreneurs was also discussed with several immigration programs listed, such as the Startup Visa Program, C11 Work Permits, and Investor Category Work Permits. Each of these programs stipulates that you must have a genuine intention to operate a business in Canada, your business must bring benefits to Canada, and you must have the skills and knowledge to operate a business in Canada.

Skilled workers and professionals who decide to immigrate to Canada were also presented with multiple immigration options, dependent on their particular expertise. Each route has its own benefits, but the key benefits for all are that your family can accompany you to Canada (spouse and children), all children under the age of 22 are included in your application for permanent residence, and every day spent in Canada counts toward citizenship.

In summary, there are many options available for entrepreneurs, start-ups, investors, and tech talent to immigrate to Canada. Our Toronto-based business and tech immigration law firm can offer guidance for all of these options.

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